Victory Garden Posters


I think these World War I and World War II Victory Garden posters are interesting for how the equate home food production, thriftiness, and hard work with patriotism.

It strikes me as very different from today’s message that consumer spending is the way to show patriotism.  “Spend more to spur the economy and support the nation.”

Maybe it would be more patriotic for people to fight poverty and food insecurity in their communities by planting community gardens and having community canning bees, than for them to spend their few hard-earned dollars on consumer goods that they may not need.


People’s Choice Pie Contest at PCO FarmFest, July 30th


SOC-logo-2016-sm-300x249Got a tasty pie recipe?  Want to garner the accolades that come from being the greatest pie baker in the land as voted by your fellow woman (and man)?  Then get your secret recipe out, put on your apron, and get cracking… err baking.

The Friends and Farmers Cooperative is sponsoring its Peoples Choice Pie Baking Contest again this year on July 30th at the PCO FarmFest at the Grange Fairgrounds in Centre Hall, PA.  There are categories for sweet, savory, and gluten-free pies.  There are categories for amateurs, professionals, and kids.

Entries can be submitted on-line, by mail (F&F Co-Op, PO Box 491, State College, PA 16804), or in-person at New Leaf Initiative (State College Borough Building).  Entries by mail must be post-marked by July 27th.  All other entries are due by July 29th.

Pies need to be at the Grange Fairgrounds between 11 am and 12:30 pm on July 30th.

For more information visit the FarmFest Pie Contest website.

PCO FarmFest July 29 – 30


Pennsylvania Certified Organic is having their Organic FarmFest this coming weekend (July 29 – 30) at the Grange Fairgrounds in Centre Hall, PA.  This is an action-packed event with lots of good food, music, and information.  There are fun kid activities and a most meditative “Wool Village” where you can see folks carding, spinning, and knitting wool into wearables.

Spring Creek Homesteading Fund has organized an education track on homesteading skills for Saturday, July 30.  Topics include:

10 am:  Food Fermentation: Homemade Sauerkraut and Dill Pickles
presented by Scott DiLoreto

11 am:  Homecanning: Tips, Techniques and Recipes for Keeping the Summer Around
presented by Joshua Lambert

1 pm:  Backyard Chickens:  A Beginners’ Guide to Getting Fresh Eggs from the Backyard presented by Joshua Lambert

2 pm:  Summer Harvest Cooking: Using Local In-Season Abundance
presented by Laura Zaino

For more information, visit the FarmFest website or email Mallory Smith.