College Township Council Public Hearing Tomorrow Night on Slab Cabin Run Initiative

In late October, ClearWater Conservancy announced the Slab Cabin Run Initiative, aiming to raise $2.75 million by September 2017 to protect 300 acres of farmland in the Slab Cabin Run watershed in an area that is very vulnerable to development pressure, and within a crucial groundwater recharge zone for the main State College Borough Water Authority wells: the Harter and Thomas wellfields.

From the ClearWater project page:

“The Everhart and Meyer properties are located just outside the State College Borough regional growth boundary. The land conservation easement of 300 acres will result in the Meyer Dairy Partnership owning both farms and ClearWater Conservancy holding conservation easements on both farms permanently.”

From Kristen Devlin

Please consider attending a very important College Township public hearing, during which the Township Council will hear public input regarding a request from Clearwater Conservancy to help fund the Slab Cabin Run initiative.

My understanding is that the 2017 College Township budget is moving forward without the $150,000 Clearwater funding request for the Slab Cabin Run Initiative.

The public hearing will begin at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 1, immediately prior to Council’s Regular Meeting.

Link to meeting info.

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