ClearWater Conservancy Announces Conservation Easements in Harter-Thomas Recharge Area

Update from Kelli Hoover, Nittany Valley Water Coalition spokeswoman, to campaign supporters:

“Posted last night on the CDT website and in today’s paper (p. 4) ClearWater Conservancy announced a 300+ acre easement comprising parts of the Meyer and Everhart farms to protect the Thomas-Harter wellfields.

The Conservancy will need to raise $2.75 million by next September to purchase the land, so we should all contribute what we can to help this effort.

I suspect this would not have happened without the activism by all of us and the lawsuit against Toll Brothers and Ferguson Township.

But, this also does not mean our struggle is over. We still need to fight the Toll Brothers development and the razing of 100 acres of land with blasting and heavy equipment for the Centre Region Parks sports complex. Leveling 100 acres for playing fields and buildings for the “park” and 43 acres for the Toll Brothers development still put these wellfields at serious risk.

Penn State still owns a lot of land in this area, so we can’t let up until the entire area is conserved for farming and open space.

Thanks for helping apply the pressure that got us this easement.”

More info from ClearWater Conservancy’s website on the Slab Cabin Run Initiative:

“Beneath the 300 acres we aim to protect lies a major source of our community’s drinking water supply. This source water feeds the region’s most important, most reliable wellfield, known as the Harter-Thomas wells,immediately downhill from the Meyer and Everhart properties and supply the majority of the drinking water to State College residents.

95% of the land we plan to protect through the Slab Cabin Initiative is within the the capture zone (Zone II) of the source water protection area for the Harter-Thomas wells…”

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