Upcoming Workshops: Cooking, Printing, and Brewing

If you are feeling a little cooped up this winter, then come out to Goldenrod Alley Farm and learn some new homesteading skills.  We have three workshops planned for February-March.  Each workshop will provide a hands-on experience to learn something new.  The cost is $12 per workshop (on a sliding scale).  All workshops will be held at Goldenrod Alley Farm, 156 West Hamilton Ave, State College, PA.  For more information, send us an email or call Josh at (814)237-0996.


Do you have the “Midwinter what the heck do I do with this rutabaga” blues?  If so, then local farmer and chef extraordinaire Laura Zaino can help.

On February 20th, from 1 – 4 pm, participants will learn how to turn seasonally-available produce (from the unusual to the unexceptional) into tasty mid-winter fare.  Laura will share some recipes and participants will have an opportunity to help with the cooking… and the eating.

If her previous cooking workshops are anything to go by, then participants are in for an informative and yummy experience.


Just like Johannes Gutenberg, instructor Katherine Watt build her own printing press and has been accumulating equipment and skills as a printmaker.  You may have even bought one of her awesome linoleum-cut calendars which we sold as a fundraiser for Spring Creek Homesteading Fund.

On February 27th, from 10 am – 12 pm, Katherine will discuss the steps and materials needed to build a bottle-jack printing press, discuss the basics of linoleum cut printmaking, and provide participants the opportunity to make some linoleum cut prints to take home.

It’s worth pointing out, that print-making is addicting and participants shouldn’t be surprised if they leave this workshop longing for the smell of printing ink.

INTRODUCTORY BEER BREWING (Feb 28 and Mar 13, 2016)

Do you like to drink beer?  Ever wanted to learn how to make it?

In this workshop, instructor Josh Lambert will provide an overview the art and science of brewing, discuss the equipment and supplies needed to brew beer from malt extract, and lead a hands-on brewing session to make 5 gallons of ale.

This workshop involves 2 sessions (Feb 28 and Mar 13) each running from 10 am – 1 pm.  At the first session, participants will make the wort and get the fermentation started.  At the second session, participants will bottle the beer and take home a share.

Registration for the brewing class is limited to persons 21 years or older.

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