December 2: Homesteading workshop at South Hills Business School

Homesteader Dan Pytel will teach a class titled “Homesteading 101” on December 2 from 6 – 9 pm at South Hills School of Business School and Technology in State College.

The class will cover topics including:

  1. What is homesteading? How to think about self-reliance and how it will work for you.
  2. How to get started. Different approaches to starting and where to get more information.
  3. Gardening and seeds. Getting plants and seeds, how to start them and grow them. Soil and composting.
  4. Fruit and nuts. Basics of growing fruits, berries and nuts.
  5. Living off the land. Tapping trees, mushroom cultivation, lay of the land and water.
  6. Preserving and storing food. Canning, freezing, drying and fermenting your food including sauerkraut, pickles, wine making, and hard cider.
  7. The Birds and the Bees. Basics of keeping poultry and bees.
  8. Group discussion on areas of interest. Networking.

There is a $35 registration fee.  For more information and to register, please visit the South Hills website.

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