Centre County Food System Summit- Nov 20th

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In Centre County, as in communities all over the United States, the “agrifood social movement,” as it has been called, is gathering momentum. Currently, a number of individuals, groups, organizations, government agencies, restaurants, institutions and food banks are addressing one or more aspects of this movement. Some of the many activities and missions include:

1.      Improving access to healthy food for low-income and food-insecure people, including the work of Food Banks and Pantries, the SNAP program, and Meals On Wheels;

2.      Helping local farmers and working landscapes prosper;

3.      Educating people on the benefits of healthy eating and local food;

4.      Strengthening the local food economy;

5.      Reducing food waste by collecting food for distribution to food insecure people;

6.      Building infrastructure for personal food production, community gardens and education on such topics.

All this valuable work is already in progress, yet communication and information about what others in the movement are doing is lacking. The principal goal of the Centre County Food System Summit is to facilitate communication through informal networking among all participants, to learn what others are doing. In doing so, we aim to lay the groundwork for future local food initiatives and, together, build the sustainable, healthful food system our community needs. Please join us on Friday, November 20 for a locally sourced lunch and general meeting. 

Date: Friday, November 20, 11:30am-3:00pm 

Location: 318 South Atherton Street (Former Mennonite Meeting House) 

Please register here

To allow as much time for discussion and networking as possible, we have asked a few questions on the registration form that will be compiled and sent to participants prior to the summit. Please note that only the first five questions are required, but providing answers to the rest will help us in shaping the agenda of the summit.
You are also welcome to forward this invitation to others whom you think should be there! We hope to see you on November 20!

Are you interested in being a part of the Centre County food system conversation, but cannot make it to the summit? Let us know here.

Direct any questions to Emily Newman. Hosted by members of Friends and Farmers Food Cooperative, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, the Sustainable Food Systems Program at Penn State University, the Sustainability Institute at Penn State University and Food Bank Farming.  

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