A Slice of Community – Friends & Farmers Pie Contest at FarmFest



Porch Pies

Apple, Cherry, Mulberry, Mincemeat, Date, Pumpkin, just to name a few. Pies of every taste and texture would line the porch walls of my grandma’s house. Baking was a labor of love for my grandma. She would pride herself on appealing to everyone’s taste buds, and pies were the noted dessert for family gatherings. Let me preface this by saying this is no small feat for my grandma. I come from a very large extended family (my father, his 9 siblings, their spouses and 21 cousins)! She did not see this as a burden, but a reward. It was her way to gather us all around a large table (or two) to enjoy the simple pleasures of pie.

The nostalgia for grandma’s porch pies was at the forefront of my thoughts as the cooperative began planning an event in support of Pennsylvania Certified Organic’s (PCO) FarmFest. What better way to bring a community together than through a slice of Americana pie? We want to inspire you to don your apron and bake from scratch. Think of this as your opportunity to dust off your handed down pie recipe and give it a try. Make this a family baking event. Gather the neighborhood kids and get them involved in the process. My hope is that you too can have a labor-of-love experience by contributing to our pie baking contest.

HERE’s what YOU can do to support our event:

  • Bake a pie or two – help us feed the community and raise funds to support future Friends & Farmers outreach events. Fruits are popping up at local farmers markets – great way to get extra points on your pie – source locally!

  • Volunteer at the event – click here to sign up for a shift of pie contest fun

  • Stick around FarmFest and volunteer for PCO – help an ally organization supporting sustainable agriculture.

Of course, I will be entering a pie using my grandma’s favorite crust recipe….long live tradition! I hope you contribute to this community event by considering making the Friends & Farmers Pie Contest a new tradition with your family.

For further details on our pie contest, visit our website here. To better serve our planning, we need individuals to register their pies online or via a paper form (found at New Leaf Initiative and Village Eatinghouse) by Thursday, July 31. If you have any questions regarding the pie contest, feel free to contact me.

For the love of pie!

Stacey Budd
Friends & Farmers Events Coordinator


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