Nominations Open for Friends & Farmers Co-op Board

(From Sarah Potter, Friends & Farmers Co-op Interim Board President)

Your Voice, Your Vote​ — 2014 Board Election​s​

One of the most exciting parts of the cooperative model is that every owner-member is a vital part of the organization. Investing, volunteering, and voting are all essential to the operations of the co-op. Now that we have surpassed the 250 member-household goal, we can start the election process for our first formal board!

Since Friends & Farmers formed in 2012 and incorporated in March 2013, a group of dedicated volunteers has served as our interim board. They have worked hard to bring the cooperative to this point, meeting twice a month, in addition to many hours at home, visiting and studying other cooperatives, organizing events, researching a myriad of cooperative topics, and reporting on our progress. All this has been done to establish a strong foundation for the store and to carry out our fiduciary duty to the community.

The same level of commitment and diligence will be critical as we elect this new Board of Directors. Several of the interim members will be running for the board. However, this is an open election and we are excited to have the co-op community take an active role in the process. The Board will be composed of nine to eleven directors who will serve three-year terms. Terms will be staggered so that three to four board members are elected each year. Friends & Farmers has benefited from a wide variety of talents and personalities in the last two years. Maybe you will be one of the next people to represent and guide this exciting initiative!

The election process takes place over several months (see important dates below). This allows plenty of time for owner-members to learn about the candidates. If you are interested in becoming a candidate or want to learn more about the process, please contact Sarah Potter on the Board Development Committee. Candidates must complete a nomination form (available here), attach a photograph (.jpg or .gif), and submit them via email to Sarah Potter or mail to Friends & Farmers at P.O. Box 491, State College, PA 16804.

Important Dates for the 2014 Friends & Farmers Election:

  • Mid-July through Mid-August — Interested candidates submit nomination forms.
  • August — Notice of candidates and publication of ballot. One vote per member household.
  • September — 2014 Annual Member Meeting (Date TBA soon!) Election results will be announced at the meeting. Training session for new Board in late September.
  • October — New Board gets to work!

If you are interested in becoming a Friends & Farmers board member, see the attached PDF of the Board Nomination Form or complete the online form.


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