CITY-GREEN Update – May 4, 2014

Click over to CITY-GREEN’s website for more details – including participant list and list of ideas pitched.

CITY-GREEN – the Mid-State Community Advisory Group on Sustainable Energy – had its first meeting on April 29 at New Leaf Initiative…CITY-GREEN’s first specific project is assisting the Centre Region Council of Governments during its participation in the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize Competition. CITY-GREEN’s COG liaison is Pam Adams, Centre Region Refuse and Recycling Administrator, working through the CRCOG Public Services and Energy Committee.

CITY-GREEN meets again Tuesday, May 6 (7 p.m. at New Leaf Initiative, Third Floor Borough Building, 243 South Allen St.) and will attend the May 7 COG Public Services & Environmental Committee Meeting (8:30 a.m., 2643 Gateway Dr.) to present preliminary information and seek official recognition as an advisory resource for COG…

The GUEP competition is tightly focused on getting communities to develop programs that displace utility-supplied energy consumption, either by not needing the energy to begin with (conservation) or by getting the energy from renewable sources. GUEP seeks to promote “…innovative, replicable, scalable and continual reductions in the per capita energy consumed from local natural gas and electric utilities…”



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