Push for 200 Friends & Farmers Co-op Founding Member-Owners

(From Michele Marchetti, Interim Board Member)

We’re 129 members strong and just one week away from our May 1 deadline for Founding Members. Please consider reaching out to your own personal networks — especially those who have expressed an interest in supporting the co-op. Feel free to use all or part of the following letter.


Grocery shopping is something we all do, yet something we don’t all relish. Imagine a different scenario: one in which you drive, or even better walk or bike, to the grocery store you helped create. Even financed as an investor. The store built by and for the community.

Picture a vibrant store packed with the products you love, grown and produced by hardworking farmers and food producers who live in your community. As you’re shopping, you may pick up a recipe, stop at the breakfast bar for a bite, grab a locally grown apple for your kid, and check out the bulletin board for the next cooking workshop.

What I’m describing is more town square than grocery store. It’s a food hub, a community meeting center, and a refection of the community’s principles and beliefs.

Friends & Farmers Cooperative is just one week away from our May 1 deadline for Founding Members. Many of you have said you believe in this idea; others have vowed to support it with their dollars. Now is the time for action.

Friends & Farmers is currently 129 members strong. But we need to get to 200 members by May 1 to demonstrate the viability of this endeavor to the rest of the community. Our stalwart supporters — you — will open the doors for the next round of investors.

I keep envisioning my own kids shopping at the store years from now, showing their own membership cards.

“Where did you get that old t-shirt?” the cashier will ask, spotting an old Friends & Farmers t-shirt.

“Oh, this,” they’ll respond.”My parents and their friends opened this store.”

Click Here to Join Friends & Farmers Co-op

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