Wild Spring Greens, Mushrooms & Backyard Hens

Pick Your Wild Spring Greens Now!

(From Brian Burger)

Wild greens in 2014 are running a couple weeks behind recent years with our reluctant spring weather. Now is the time to go afield and “get your greens on!”

I enjoy feasting on a foursome of prevalent and plentiful wild greens. The menu? Hot, steamed Stinging Nettles with a drop of apple cider vinegar and dash of salt. Second is Wintercress, also steamed, with a touch of butter, salt and pepper. The entrée is Dandelion greens dressed with hot bacon gravy and ramps, with sides of small boiled potatoes from the winter larder and fresh hen’s eggs hard-boiled and quartered. This meal has me feeling as content as an arising bear having its fill of vernal vitamins!

More info about where to pick, and how to prepare wild spring greens, plus photos and Brian‘s contact info to schedule private foraging sessions: Springtime Smorgasbord.

April 26 – Shiitake Mushroom Workshop in State College

Jason Lilley will be holding a shiitake mushroom log cultivation workshop Saturday, April 26 at 711 Kennard Road in State College at 11:00 a.m.  (rain or shine), starting with a discussion about the basics of mushroom culture and mushroom log inoculation and moving on to actually inoculating logs. Jason has 15 spots available for people interested in inoculating a log to take home.

Cost is $25 per person if interested in logs, $10 if not. Please RSVP to Jason to sign up. 

May 10 – Backyard Laying Hens Workshop in State College

Come learn how you can keep a small flock of laying hens to provide you with delicious, fresh eggs in your own backyard! Saturday, May 10, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at 156 West Hamilton Ave.

Instructor Leslie Pillen will discuss breed selection, how to raise healthy hens from chicks on, and important design considerations for building or buying a backyard coop. Leslie is the Design Coordinator for the new sustainable student farm initiative at Penn State. She has raised chickens in both farm and backyard settings, and has taught several classes about keeping chickens.

Suggested donation is $12 per person, payable by cash or check on the day of the workshop. Proceeds go to the instructor. Space is limited to 15 participants; sign up by email to Katherine or by phone (237-0996).


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