Make Scrapple – This Saturday at Millheim Winter Market

(From Brian Burger of New Harmony Farmstead)

The Millheim Indoor Winter Farmer’s Market has been hosting several concurrent homestead-kitchen classes during the market on Saturdays 10 a.m. –  1 p.m.

This Saturday, February 1, at 11 a.m., Brian Burger of New Harmony Farmstead will be at it again offering a free class on “Stovetop Scrapple.”

This Saturday’s undertaking will be done with a harvested rooster from his farm. Brian routinely makes scrapple in his homestead kitchen.  Using his frugal PA Dutch heritage, he makes a single pan of scrapple with otherwise throw-aways from butchering a chicken or a rabbit.

A deer harvest makes multiple pans just from what most folks waste. Of course, a traditional hog butchering is an outdoor affair with iron kettles and lots of the stuff!

If you are or wish to be a homesteader; just want to make the most of a chicken you buy or want to know what goes into your scrapple or “pon haus”, come partake.

Tasting welcome! … MAYBE MANDATORY!!

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