Tuesday Market Previews for June 25, 2013, plus Survey Report

Centre County Farmers Markets:

  • Tuesdays: State College (11:30am to 5:30pm on Locust Lane)
  • Tuesdays: Boalsburg (2pm to 6pm at the PA Military Museum)
  • Wednesdays: Lemont (2pm to 6pm at the Granary)
  • Fridays: Downtown State College (11:30am to 5:30pm on Locust Lane)
  • Saturdays: Bellefonte (8am to 12pm at the Gamble Mill)
  • Saturdays: Millheim (10am to 1pm at the American Legion Post)
  • Saturdays North Atherton (10am to 2pm at Home Depot)

State College Tuesday Downtown Farmers’ Market Preview

(From Betsy Green)

Free parking vouchers are now available for your convenience.  Just ask Sarah at Larksmirth Manor for one  (look for the big red van).
  •  Cottage Confectioner:  Sam (that’s Samantha) will be bringing her awesome chocolate chai cakes & lavender lime cookies.  You gotta try ‘um.
  • Sun and Moon Creations:  Tammy Wolfe has a few new products:  all-natural lip balms, new candle scents & tattoo & foot balms.  Come check them out.
  • Larksmirth Manor:  Sarah will have lovely flower arrangements featuring….larkspur!
  • Hidden Hollow Farms:  Wildfire lettuce mix still available.  Also spinach, carrots, red beets & rhubarb.
  • Green Acres Farm:  Eggs from our free range chickens, potatoes, herbs and cabbage.
  • Bell and Whistle:  HOMEMADE GELATO THIS WEEK…made with local ingredients.
  • Dn’D Farms:  **Taking orders for holiday turkeys…no kidding.  Also, Dessie has some new scents of goats milk soaps & lotions.
  • Gemelli Bakers:  Pull apart “Monkey Bread”….come down and find out what that’s all about!  Have you tried their “Mermaid Delight”?  Seaweed, almonds, & sesame soaked in maple syrup & baked until crunchy.
  • Home Reflections is back in town with their peach wine, a summer best seller.  Oak Spring Winery will also have on hand their “Game Day Series” of white & red wine.
  • Spring Bank Acres:  HOMEMADE ICE CREAM—YES!!!  Just in time for our hot weather.  Strawberry yogurt.  Two great products made with fresh strawberries.  Don’t miss out.
  • Red Hawk Premium Peppers:  As always, Dan will be sampling his gourmet hot sauces, pepper jams, mustard, relish & dry rubs.  If you haven’t tried them, really, you must.
  • Moser’s Produce: It’s pesto time!  Barry & Mandy have plenty of fresh cut basil.  Also basil plants if you want to grow your own.
  • Egg Hill Gardens:  As usual, greens, greens, greens:  kale, Swiss chard, collards, Senposai, mustard greens.  “Gold Ball” turnips are ready and fresh lavender was harvested this week.

 Boalsburg Farmers Market Preview – Learning Kitchen Today!

(From Jim Eisenstein)

Our first cooking demonstration (not counting Kids’ Day on June 11) will be today at 2:30 p.m. We call it a “Learning Kitchen,” and it will feature Mark Johnson (Elk Creek Cafe) and two of the Jade Garden Restaurant’s bartenders, Sc’Eric and Chris Young. Both will prepare dishes from fresh ingredients they obtain from our vendors.  Among other things, Sc’Eric and Chris Young will make a daiquiri and a double basil fizz, and Mark Johnson will make a dish with Bill Callahan’s pork.   Come out to see what else they will concoct.  Both Sc’Eric and Mark conducted a learning kitchen last year, and folks really enjoyed watching them work.

When you are not watching a cooking demonstration, you’ll find lots of great products for sale.  Here is a sampling:

  • two popular semi-sweet wines from Bee Kind Winery, Stuben and Traninettte
  • strawberries from Way Fruit Farm, Ardry Farm, and Jade Family Farm
  • a new supply of raw milk Gouda and Scary Monster (French Muenster style) cheese from Clover Creek
  • French and Italian mesclun from Tamarack
  • onion & chive dry curd goat cheese and goat ice cream by Byler Goat Dairy
  • broccoli and raw milk from Beiler Family Farm
  • pea pods, purplette and pear drop onions plus zucchini from Jade
  • lettuce, bouquets, basil, and annual flowers from Littlefield Farms
  • broccoli and cauliflower from Ardry
  • grass fed beef and raw milk cheese from Stone Meadow
  • fresh pasta from Pasta Fasta
  • handmade soaps from Soap Sprite
  • breads and sweets from Gemelli’s, and pizza and tacos
  • Eden View Farm’s kitchen will be back with its prepared foods, and they will alternate with frozen and fresh chicken each week (frozen this market).

The Poe Valley Troubadours, Andy Tolens, Steve Crawford, and Cory Neidig provided really nice music last week. Today Picker and Papa perform from 3:30 to 5:00. It should be a great market.

Homesteader Survey Report

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