Homesteaders’ Quarto – June 20, 2013

TODAY – Call Glenn Thompson to Support Local Farmers Through the 2013 Farm Bill

(From Michele Gauger at PASA)

“The House of Representatives is voting on its version of the Farm Bill today, and there are two amendments that going for a vote that need your support—and two that need to be defeated. Call your representatives now and ask them to vote for: Amendment 214 and Amendment Amendment 93. Meanwhile, two terrible amendments would hurt local food, and need to be defeated: Amendment 198 and Amendment 92, which would eliminate funding for the Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program, a program that boosts farmer income and improves consumer access to healthy food. The program awards competitive grants to projects that develop direct producer-to-consumer marketing channels (such as farmers markets), as well as scaled-up local and regional food marketing and distribution channels. Call today! To find your US House representative, click here. To read the amendments, click here.”

Way Fruit Farm – U-Pick Strawberries

Way Fruit Farm in Port Matilda has strawberries for sale in the store, and also U-Pick in the fields. “They are ripe and plentiful right now, so come soon to get your fill.  Our extended hours for strawberry picking are as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8m – 8pm; Tuesday & Thursday 8am – 7pm; Saturday 8am – 5pm; Sunday Closed. If you come out to pick, here are a few tips: Bring your own containers (handles are always useful); stop in the farm store to weigh your containers and get directions to the picking fields for the day; dress for the weather and the mud/weeds that are sometimes present in strawberry fields.”


Friends & Farmers Co-op – Call for Summer Festival Volunteers

(From Elizabeth Crisfield)

There are many opportunities for volunteers in the summer months. The co-op needs your help! Friends & Farmers will be attending a bunch of great events throughout the summer. We need you to help spread the word about the Friends & Farmers Co-op by helping to host our table while enjoying these awesome festivals. Check out the list below, and please contact if you are able to volunteer. Your help is greatly appreciated and vital to the success of the co-op!

  • June 22 – Summer’s Best Music Fest – Come downtown and support local musicians and snag some deals at the annual Downtown Street Bazaar! Enjoy a day full of local music, exciting attractions such as a pet parade, and much more during this year’s Summer’s Best Music Fest.
  • June 22 – Summer Solstice Celebration – The Summer Solstice Celebration is a free, family friendly event at Tait Farm to benefit the Centre County Farmland Trust. The event will feature food and beverage samplings showcasing local farms and restaurants, as well as children’s activities, hayrides, live music and local artists.
  • Aug. 2 – 3 – Second Annual Pennsylvania Certified Organic FarmFest FarmFest is a fun, free, community-building event that fosters knowledge of organic agriculture and sustainable living through educational opportunities, local foods, lively entertainment and interactive family activities.
  • August 3 – 10 – Local Foods Week – Celebrate the bounty of Centre County with Buy Fresh Buy Local’s week-long celebration of local farms and food, featuring Bike Fresh Bike Local Centre County on Sunday, August 4th and the 8th Annual Centre County Farm Tour on Saturday, August 10.

Job Openings

Homesteaders Handbook Info To PSU Students

One of Rachel Hoh’s side projects this summer is increasing student attendance/awareness of farmers’ markets and other local shopping options. A friend of hers is in charge of publishing the “S Book,” distributed by the University Park Undergraduate Association for free to every incoming freshman that is sort of a crash course in PSU living/ culture/ resources. She asked him about putting information similar to that included in the Homesteader’s Handbook in the S Book, and he supported the idea. So I forwarded an electronic copy of the handbook to Rachel and she’s formatting the relevant info for this fall’s incoming class. Yay! Thanks Rachel!

Letter Writing for the Climate

(From Ed Perry of National Wildlife Federation)

Below is a message that a fellow super activist sent to his network regarding the importance of sending in letters to the editor. Many of us have complained that the newspapers aren’t covering this issue enough. But many papers are in small communities, where they are especially sensitive to what the local community wants, and believes. When the paper eventually feels like there is a lot of community support for a particular issue, they are more likely to cover it.

So letter writing not only encourages the local paper to cover climate change better, it also lets our fellow citizens know there are lots of others out there who believe as we do and it’s OK to speak out about the need to take action on climate change – despite what the deniers say.

From Jon Clark, Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby

Hi friends!

CCL volunteers are hammering our climate message in the papers much lately! Rebecca Buckham just had a fantastic letter in the York Daily Record setting the record straight on climate misinformation printed lately. Harrisburg group leader Rachel Mark had this letter printed in the York AND Harrisburg papers! Great job Rachel! Porter Hedge had this letter on natural gas as a “bridge fuel” in the York Daily Record. Nice work Porter! Mike Omlor had this letter telling Congress to face the facts on climate change. Great letter Mike! Steve Izzo had this letter defending my Op-Ed last month. Nice work and thank you Steve!

We are doing a great job keeping climate change in the papers and I believe our efforts are paying off. Today the Daily Record and the Dispatch ran a story about Bill McKibben’s fossil fuels divestment campaign. All our letters are signaling that there are many people out there concerned enough to send a letter to the editor about climate change. In turn the papers see interest in climate change and start to run climate change related stories in the papers. This generates more concern in the public, generating more letters, generating more stories, generating more concern…. you see where I’m going. We are getting our message out to thousands of people.

Also last week in a meeting with Rep. Perry’s Deputy Chief of Staff, he told our group that they are noticing our letters and reading them. This is what we call creating the political will for Rep. Perry to act on climate change.

Great work everyone, you are all making a difference! Keep up the letters on climate change and keep the pressure on! I’ll be in touch soon about a mini letter writing seminar and letter writing party. Thanks for all you do!

Action Alert – Transportation: SB 1 in PA Senate

  • PA Walks and Bikes email action page – “Senate Bill 1 adequately funds a comprehensive transportation plan and includes a dedicated appropriation for walking and bicycling initiatives.”

What Actually Happens – John Michael Greer

Latest from The Archdruid Report:

“…while one set of true believers has been waiting hopefully for the arrival of a bright new golden age of scientific and technological progress, and another set of true believers has been waiting just as hopefully for the arrival of the vast catastrophe that will prove to their satisfaction just how wrong everyone else was, history ignored them both and brought what it usually brings at this season of a civilization’s life: that is to say, decline.”


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