Boalsburg Farmers Market – June 4, 2013

(From Jim Eisenstein)

June provides market goers with some of the finest products all year, and the first June market today is no exception. Market is open from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the PA Military Museum

You will still see most of spring’s greens, asparagus  (ending soon), spinach, salad mix, lettuce, and radishes, to name just a few.  Eden View will bring the first collard greens (along with Cindy’s popular prepared dishes).  John Eisenstein of Jade Family Farm says “Maybe the strawberries will ripen.  I think they can, I think they can, I think they can.”  And Clan Stewart will have mini kohlrabi.  Byler goat diary has expanded its goat ice cream offerings with a new flavor – butter pecan.  Clover creek has 8  kinds of raw milk cheeses, including cheddars and swisses, and Stone Meadow will bring more of its new batch of Camembert and its first Colby cheese of the season.  If you still need plants, Tamarack farms has tomatoes and peppers along with herbs.  Ardry farm will bring beautiful radishes.   Bill Callahan will bring “same day fresh cut pork” to market.  Piper’s Peck sells five kinds of salsa and Sweet Heat Gourmet four hot sauces.  Sweet Sunrise Bakery has sticky-buns for your sweet tooth, and Soap Sprite hand-made naturally scented soaps to wash your hands after eating them.  Jonas Beiler Family Farm has lacto-fermented Kombucha, a favorite of many health food devotees, and Wild For Salmon its wild-caught sockeye products for those who want to eat healthy and well.  Fasta Pasta, Gemelli’s, El Gringo’s Tacos, and (weather permitting) the Pizza Oven will be there too.

To top it off, the wonderful Tussey Mountain Moonshiners will play from 4:30 to 6:00.

Oh, one more thing.  The following week – June 11 – is Kid’s Day, where Tony Sapia of Gemelli’s Bakers will demonstrate at 3:00 PM to third graders how to make simple recipes using market ingredients, and where our venders will talk to them afterwards about how they grow what they grow, catch what they catch, and make what they make.

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