Boalsburg Farmers Market Preview – May 28, 2013

Enticing Tidbits for the May 28 Boalsburg Farmers Market

(From Jim Eisenstein)

Last week it was like a summer day at the market, with temperatures in the 80s.  But the products were spring like – well, almost. The market is open Tuesday (today) from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the PA Military Museum.

  • Harold Kreider Family Farm had red ripe Big Boy summer-like tomatoes
  • Jim Byler of Byler’s Goat Dairy was doing a brisk business selling his goat ice-cream.  (It’s going fast, and for good reason.  It’s good!)
  • Bee Kind Winery is bringing its new semi-sweet wine, Vignoles, perfect for warm weather.  If you mention you saw this post on Facebook, they will give you a 5% discount.  (By the way, we have passed the 1000 “likes” mark on Facebook).
  • Soap Sprite will feature peppermint soap, ideal for hot summer weather.
  • Short quiz: How many flavors of hot pepper jellies are there?  Piper’s Peck can demonstrate that there are at least six, and you can check them out at this week’s market.
  • Bill Calahan of Cow-a-Hen Farm is conducting a “meat pot luck.”  He is cleaning out his freezer and will have all sorts of seldom-seen products plus some old standards, all in limited quantities.
  • Clover Creek Cheese Cellars is bringing its pirate blue cheese and limited supplies of Gouda and Bruchedda, which has tomato, basic, and garlic added to its cheddar.
  • Stone Meadow will have its popular camembert for the first time this year.
  • Eden View Organics features sprouted bagels and breads and smoothies.
  • Sweet Heat Gourmet is preparing a new batch of its morel mushroom pesto featuring ingredients from Jade Family Farm and Clan Stewart.
  • Speaking of which, Jade will have broccollini (& maybe kohlrabi & a little sorrel).
  • Clan Stewart will have spicy mustard greens and flower plants in six packs.
  • Jonas Beiler Family Farm has eggs and lacto-fermented pickles, super healthy.
  • Interested in a cake for desert?  Sweet Sunrise offers several different ones, whole or in half.
  • Tamarack Farm will have starter tomato and other vegetable plants.
  • Ardry Farms will have red and white radishes, and of course, potatoes.
  • As usual, Gemelli’s bakery, Wild for Salmon, Fasta Pasta, and El Gringo Tacos will have its regular fine selection of products.

Wow!  A pretty impressive array of tidbits, and this list just scratches the surface of what is available.

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