Tuesday Farmers Market Previews – May 21, 2013

Boalsburg Farmers Market 

(From Jim Eisenstein)

The Boalsburg Farmers Market is open Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the PA Military Museum.

We had a wonderful first outdoor market last Tuesday – lots of happy customers and lots of great stuff.

This week will be even better.  Here are a few highlights for May 21.

  • Harold Kreider will be back with his very popular hot house big beef tomatoes, picked red ripe.
  • One of our new vendors, Sweet Heat Gourmet, has gluten free, dairy-free morel mushroom pesto made entirely with ingredients from local farms, including our own Clan Stewart Farm and Jade Family Farm.
  • Clan Stewart will be bringing the first parsley of the year along with mustard greens (among other things)
  • Jade Family Farm will have French breakfast radishes, rhubarb, and lots of other greens
  •  Tamarack Farms will have greens, plus tomato, pepper and kale plants)
  • Ardry Farms will have greens and spring onions
  • Jonas Beiler Family Farm will have greens and duck eggs (where else can you get them?)
  • Pipers Peck has a special – buy-one-get-one-free fudge
  • Stone Meadow offers a special on its pastured raised, grass fed ground beef  – three pounds for $5.00 a pound
  • Bill Calahan of Cow-A-Hen Farm says he can meet “All your Memorial Day grilling needs,” with hotdogs, hamburgers, and sausages
  • Bee Kind Winery will bring a new variety – Vignal, a sweet white wine with a tropical flavor
  • Clover Creek Cheese Cellars is bringing its first Pirate Blue cheese for 2913, along with lots of other aged cheeses.
  • Soap Sprite is back with over two dozen naturally scented hand soaps
  • You also should check out the offers of another new vendor, Sweet Sunrise Bakery
  • Gemelli Bakers will have its usual wide selection of breads and sweets
  • Fasta Pasta its fresh-made pasta products
  • Wild for Salmon has its wild-caught sockeye salmon products
  • Byler Goat Diary will have something really special all summer – raw goat milk ice-cream, black raspberry and vanilla.  It took almost two years to learn how to make, and goat ice cream is very rare.

Last week, the Poe Valley Troubadours provided wonderful music.  This week, Picker and Papa will perform from 4:00 to 5:30.  We hope to see you there.

Tuesday Downtown State College Farmers’ Market

(From Betsy Green)

The Tuesday market is open from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Locust Lane. Vendors and products this week:

  • Larksmirth Manor will feature hardy flowering perennials dug from Sarah’s Rebersburg garden….locally acclimated!
  • Hidden Hollow Farms will be bringing lettuce mixes, asparagus, rhubarb and scallions.  Also, homemade baked goods.
  • Green Acres Farm has honey, radishes, asparagus, Buttercrunch lettuce and rhubarb.
  • Louisa from Bell and Whistle wants you to try her fresh-squeezed limeade, French macaroons and some of her other gluten-free baked goods, including vegan items.
  • Dessie from Dn’D Farms has lovely goats milk sunscreen and hand lotions; also pet treats.  CSA meat shares are now available.
  • Underhill Farm:  William wants folks to know that he’s having a yarn sale: 15% off his $15. & $18. yarns.  They’re beautiful!  Come see what he has to sell.
  • Sam from Cottage Confectioner makes unique vegan baked goods using loose leaf teas and freshly ground coffee.  Also great tasting tea cookies, tea cakes and breakfast bars.
  • Sun & Moon Creations:  All natural vegan soaps…try her HIPPY SOAP….also, all natural insect repellent.  Check out Tammy’s Facebook page for special offers.
  • Spring Bank Acres:  Samuel wants you to know that he has eggs, awesome cheese, ICE CREAM, milk and yogurt.  Also rabbit & chicken meat.  Available now: radishes, spring onions, asparagus rhubarb and mixed greens.
  • Dan from Red Hawk Premium Peppers will be bringing his entire line of hot sauces, mustard, relish & hot jams.  With our cold snap over, look for hot pepper plants and pepper seeds.
  • Barrie & Mandy of Moser’s Produce will be bringing Sweeter Yet’ CUCUMBERS and baby spinach.  Check out his nearly 300 varieties of tomatoes!  Lots of pepper plants too.
  • Betsy from Egg Hill Gardens will have spring salad mix, arugula, Asian Stir-fry mix, cut flower bouquets and a nice selection of perennial flowering plants and herbs.
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