College Township Backyard Hens & Happy Valley Timebank

College Township Backyard Hens Update

(From Scott Stilson)

At their May 2 meeting, the College Township Council voted 4-1 in favor of keeping the chicken ordinance alive!

The next step — and an important one — is the public hearing on Thursday, July 18 at 7:00 p.m. A public hearing is where Council invites anyone who has anything to say about backyard hens to come and say it. They’ll be putting ads out in the CDT to make sure that everybody in the township knows that Council is going to take a binding vote.

If we are outnumbered at the public hearing by folks opposed to backyard hens, our chances of getting this ordinance passed are sunk. So:

  1. Mark your calendars and come!
  2. Tell your friends to mark their calendars and come!
  3. If you can’t come, email Council in early July to voice your support!

Many thanks to everyone who showed up May 2. Even though not many of us spoke, I believe our sheer numbers did. Let’s bring even more folks on July 18 — and everybody make sure to say something then!

Happy Valley Timebank Update

(From Sean Morgan)

Spring is here! What a wonderful time to ask for or offer assistance with spring cleaning and gardening. Also, if you are a gardener its a wonderful time to offer starts of your plants. If you want to garden its a great time to request the type of starts you would like. I’m offering spinach seedlings.

Keep posted for our first timebank potluck in June.

If you need any help at all with creating a profile and using the site, don’t hesitate to call me at 717-461-2227 or feel free to email. If anyone would like to volunteer to call up members who are not active, please let me know. We have around 100 members but only a dozen are active.

There is a wealth of untapped skills to be shared – now is the time to offer your gifts and be open to receiving!

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One Response to College Township Backyard Hens & Happy Valley Timebank

  1. colehons says:

    cool! hoping to get involved with the timebank this summer!

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