Sarajane Snyder on PASA’s Northcentral Region Potluck

(From Sarajane Snyder)

Thanks to the 50+ folks from 7 Pennsylvania counties (+ Arkansas!) who, with delicious food in tow, showed up at Jeremiah’s in Williamsport and made a potluck happen. I hope everyone had a great time with the feasting, chatting, old friends, new friends, delicious beer, cool maps, etc. Bradford County actually edged out Union County for most seats at the table. 11! Congratulations!

We got a little conversation going at the end on the topic of “Awards Banquets and Help Wanted Ads in the Northcentral Region.” People highlighted some of the good projects going on in their areas and we also talked about
challenges that we could use some more help with.

Here’s a little list of all the award-deserving things in our area that people highlighted:

  1. Kathy Straub at Susquehanna University, pulling together an active working group on sustainable food systems, starting a buying club, university garden, etc.
  2. Susquehanna Valley Beekeepers! Last meeting had 48 people. Great resource.
  3. Bucknell’s Environmental Center working to develop a sustainability center.
  4. Lewisburg’s Community Garden. Now in its second year and going strong.
  5. Joe and Jackie’s Dreamcatcher Farm as a resource and hands-on experience for Bucknell students
  6. Bloomsburg University: farmers market on campus, sustainability initiative, building an “outdoor learning center” (aka a farm). Don Hess working a lot with them.
  7. Upcoming PASA field day at the Hess’s Dancing Hen Farm, where you can learn more about their relationship building with Bloomsburg University, as well as talk vegetable growing.
  8. Spring Creek Homesteading‘s resource-rich blog and real-world good activity out in State College area
  9. Yo! Community, a Union County-based blog that writes a lot about food and food-related activity and music and art. For families! Looking for contributors.
  10. Potential for Geisinger as a customer (Don Hess knows more about this.)
  11. May 4 – Livestock Breeds Conservancy Chicken/Poultry Auction 8 a.m. at the Bloomsburg Fairground. “Enough chickens to make anyone happy.”
  12. PASA’s Second Barter Fair coming this November! Ask Leah Tewksbury for details.
  13. Bradford County Agricultural Coalition working on education, marketing, and farmland preservation in Bradford County, creating a resource for farmers in the area, and people wanting to move to the area. Website forthcoming.
  14. Pine Run Farm, the first Community Supported Agriculture farm in Lycoming County
  15. John Esslinger of Penn State’s Extension Service, cited as a very excellent resource for a “10-county area”

I’m sure we could easily get to 50 if we wanted to. There are so many people, institutions, projects, resources, etc. to whom we can give the award of our thanks and recognition.

The highlight of my evening was pointing out to young Cameron, son of Dave and Christy of Hughesville, that indeed there was also a whole county in Pennsylvania named with his name! He seemed able to recognize his name on
the map when i showed him & was very excited. Maybe he will be PASA’s emissary to Cameron County to try and rouse a few members…

I also greatly appreciated the photo book of the beautiful highland cattle next to the delicious beef stew.

Thanks again,


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