Patchwork – April 23, 2013

April 24 – Local Foods Dinner at PSU’s Redifer Commons 

Local Foods Dinner(From Alyssa Kalter)

Are YOU interested in WHERE your FOOD comes from? Is it LOCAL, ORGANIC, OR SUSTAINABLE?

If so, please come to the upscale dinner at The Southside Buffet at Redifer Commons on Wednesday, April 24 from 5-8:30 pm. The upscale meal will feature a menu sourced by all local food from Centre County and surrounding counties. Come out and experience what real, local food tastes like and support your local farmers. This event was organized by students dedicated to local foods in the State College area. Coming to this event will help their efforts in bringing more of these kinds of foods to YOU!


  • Crispy Pork Shank with Pineapple/mustard glaze (Pork from Hog’s Galore)
  • Firecracker Apple Sauce (Apples from PA)
  • Roasted Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes (Organic potatoes from Green Heron Farm)
  • Green Spring Salad—Baby Mixed Greens (Organic from Tait Farm); Pea Shoots and Baby Chard (Organic from Green Heron Farms, with Ginger Vinaigrette Dressing from Tait Farms
  • Vegetarian Option: Organic Fettucini with basil pesto (From Fasta & Ravioli Co.)


  • For students with a PSU meal plan, the meal price is the regular buffet dinner price plus a $7 upscale charge.
  • For students without a meal plan, the meal price is $13.25 (regular buffet price for cash) plus a $7 upscale charge.

April 24 – Renewable Energy in Central America – Talk at PSU

(From Jillian Zankowski)

RECA program students reporting on their spring break experience in Honduras, Wednesday at 5 p.m. in Kunkle Lounge in Hammond Building. More info.

April 25 – West Campus Steam Plant Conversion – Debate/Forum Organized by Society of Energy Engineers 

(From Evelyn Bateman)

This Thursday, April 25 at 4 p.m., the Society of Energy Engineers is hosting a coal plant debate/forum in 157 Hosler. The purpose of this debate is to inform on the ins and outs of the proposed natural gas retrofit of the coal-fired West Campus Steam Plant, as well as discuss alternatives and opportunities for student advocacy or involvement.

If you’re interested in participating in the debate, presenting ideas and relevant information, contact JP Milton. More info on Facebook. This is arguably one of the most important decisions Penn State will make regarding our energy future. Don’t believe me? Read. Research. Reflect.

Now Organizing – Summer Democracy School

Organizers are scheduling a Democracy School for sometime in early summer. If you’re interested in learning more about the State College Community Bill of Rights and how it can be used to build a sustainable energy future for the Borough, contact Joe Cusumano to sign up. (Goal is at least 10 people; five already interested).

More info from the CELDF website:

  • “Democracy School explores the limits of conventional regulatory organizing and offers a new organizing model that helps citizens confront the usurpation by corporations of the rights of communities, people, and the earth. Lectures cover the history of people’s movements and corporate power, and the dramatic recent organizing in Pennsylvania by communities confronting agribusiness, sewage sludge, and quarry corporations.”
  • “Democracy School was a mind-blowing experience. During the School, I was forced to come to grips with the understanding that I really knew very little about the true structure of law that controls our activism. Democracy School is a must for everyone who seeks to be liberated from our defensive, after-the-fact reactive organizing strategies.” -Krishnaveni Gundu, ’05, Calhoun County (TX) Resource Watch

News from the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

PASA E-newsletter – April 18 Edition, including upcoming workshops:

News from Centre County Buy Fresh Buy Local

  • CCBFBL E-Newsletter, including spring farmers market opening dates.

News from Good Food Neighborhood

(From Hannah Smith-Brubaker)

Good Food Neighborhood E-Newsletter, including upcoming workshops:

  • April 26 – Spring Sustainability Intensive: Shiitake & Oyster Mushrooming,
    Quiet Creek Herb Farm & School of Country Living, 93 Quiet Creek Lane Brookville, PA
  • April 27 – Backyard Fruit Trees Series – Spring, at Greener Partners: Longview Center For Agriculture, Stump Hall Road, Collegeville, PA

Spring Gardening Workshops at Tait Farm in Centre Hall

Saturdays 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., $5 per person. Register by email or phone: 814-466-3411.

  • April 27 – Backyard Strawberries with Jackie Bonomo – If you have ever dreamed of picking your own fresh strawberries each morning for your cereal, or to embellish your bowl of ice cream at the end of the day, then this class is for you! Join Jackie to learn the best way to plant, care for, and harvest your very own crop of this delicious fruit.
  • May 4 – Totally Tomatoes with Pat Winterrowd – Heirloom or hybrid, beefsteak, plum or cherry tomatoes, let us help you choose which tomatoes are perfect for you and how to grow them. Pat is our resident tomato expert and will share her abundant experience and enthusiasm – don’t miss it!

YERT Movie & MealApril 28 – Dinner & A Movie – YERT Screening & Local Foods Meal in State College

(From Kat Alden)

Join Sierra Club Moshannon Group for a Sunday night dinner and a movie at the State College Friends Meeting House, 611 E. Prospect Ave. Feature movie is YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip). Movie starts at 4 p.m. Dinner starts at 6 p.m. – Dinner and Dessert w/ El Gringo’s Taco Carne: Chile, Marinated slow-cooked Cow-A-Hen Pork with roasted vegetables, cheese, greens and salsa. Vegan options available. Suggested donation is $12/person. For tickets or to RSVP, contact Steve.

April 28 – PASA North-Central Region Potluck at Jeremiah’s in Williamsport

(From Sarajane Snyder)

We invite all North Central Region PASA members, friends and family to join us for fine food to eat, as well as fine food for thought as we embark on another growing season! Our annual spring potluck celebration is always a great time to reconnect with other producers & members in the region and see what’s going on in our neck of the woods. Potluck starts at 5 p.m. at Jeremiah’s (above the Bullfrog Brewery) at 224 W. 4th Street, Williamsport (Lycoming County).

We’d love to have a great mix of “old” and “new” PASA members for this year’s potluck and have a conversation focusing on some of the great community+food happenings in our region–community gardens, co-ops, farmers market models, food banks, community dinners, study groups, educational events, farm tours, etc.

Please bring a dish to share with a card to label it–extra points for homegrown & local fare AND your own table service. This is a free event – PASA members in the region are encouraged to attend and bring a friend to introduce them to the PASA network! RSVP to Sarajane Snyder, 570-768-8105.

If you live in Pennsylvania and care about local food systems, ecologically healthy farming, and a farming culture that can help revive our rural areas, then you might want to consider yourself a friend of PASA, whose mission is “promoting profitable farms that produce healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment.”  Many of PASA’s members are farmer and producers but there are many business members, non-profit members and consumer members, the awesome folks who keep the system running by depending on it. PASA is truly a member-based organization and their work depends on the support of those of us who share their values. By becoming a member of PASA, especially as a “consumer-member” you will be making a statement–both to PASA and to all the folks who pay attention to what PASA says–that their work matters and that local food systems are worth developing and supporting.

May 29 – Animal Handling Workshop for New and Beginning Farmers in Bradford County

June 10 – Value-Added Farming Mentor Workshop in Brookville

(From Ann Stone at PA-WAgN)

In March, the Pennsylvania Women’s Agricultural Network launched a women farmer mentoring program to connect established farmers with new and beginning farmers, aspiring farmers, and seasoned farmers. The mentor program encourages women farmers to support each other through shared learning and exchange of experiences in workshops and online forums focused on five topic areas: fruit and vegetable cultivation, dairy and cheese production, urban agriculture and nutrition, on-farm education and value-added products, and livestock production.

The mentoring program values women farmers as leaders of change by providing educational opportunities to foster healthy food systems; promote farming livelihoods; expand and strengthen networks; foster stewardship of land, people, and resources; and support financial and environmental sustainability.

Women farmers in Pennsylvania are encouraged to join the mentor program by participating in various events scheduled during the 2013 growing season. These events are designed to expand participants’ farming potential through on-farm educational gatherings, farminars, workshops, networking events, and one-on-one communications with mentors delegated to the five specialty areas.  The program began in March 2013 and will continue with the  following on-farm educational events:

  • June 10 Value-Added Farming at Quiet Creek Herb Farm and School of Country Living (Jefferson County)
  • June 26 Urban Farming at Joshua Farm (Dauphin County)
  • July 12 Transitioning to Mob Grazing at Yeehaw Farm (Perry County)

Details and online registration. For more info, contact Ann Stone, 814-863-4489.

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