Taproot Kitchen Fund Drive Kick-Off

Taproot Community Kitchen Fundraiser Kicks Off Today!

Be a part of establishing a downtown State College community kitchen—a site for cooking and food-processing; classes; small-batch processing, catering and meal prep businesses; community meals; gleaning programs; public and private parties and more!

The Vision

A large, warm, welcoming, clean, well-equipped public kitchen-for-rent, for people to cook and eat in when their own kitchens and dining rooms aren’t big enough for what they want to do.

Donation Form Screenshot

The Goal – $7,777.77

The campaign will run from February 6 to April 6, 2013. We plan to apply for grants from the US Department of Agriculture and other grant-makers – many of which require matching funds – and to partner whenever possible with the Borough of State College, State College Area Food Bank, Penn State Sustainability Institute and other local organizations.

Thank You Gifts (mailed to contributors after receipt of donation)

  • For donations of $50 or more: Homesteader’s Handbook
  • For donations of $100 or more: Homesteader’s Handbook plus Spring Creek Homesteading Fund T-Shirt
  • For donations of $500 or more: Homesteader’s Handbook, Spring Creek Homesteading T-shirt, plus your name on a permanent feature of the community kitchen.

Ways to Donate

  • Download and print the donation form and mail it in with your donation.
  • Stop by our shadowbox display on the ramp at Webster’s Bookstore Cafe to pick up a form for mailing.
  • Stop by the Good Food Neighborhood display at the PASA Conference Auction (Feb. 7, 8 & 9) to pick up a form for mailing.
  • Fundraising forms will also be available at all of our events, including workshops coming up on February 9, February 16, February 17 (details below) and the Homesteader’s Hangout on February 16, and the Centre County Buy Fresh Buy Local CSA Farm Fair on March 6.
  • We’re also reaching out to local business owners and farmers market vendors about making donor forms available for pickup at their sites, and will post updates about new locations.
  • COMING SOON – PayPal Button to donate online here at the blog. (Pending approval by PayPal)

Taproot Kitchen Support Letter #4

LaCreta Holland, Cooking Instructor

Recently I read an article from the New York Times Chronicle for Higher Education. Scott Carlson wrote about a discussion of the book Diet for a Hot Planet; “The book’s treatment of the topic held few surprises, and the solutions offered were equally well-worn and deceptively simple: Buy fruits, vegetables, and meats locally, and cook them at home. (The) big surprise came when the students in the group started talking about the solutions—and found themselves stuck. Almost all the students said they didn’t know how to cook, and even the young, single adult employees in the group admitted they lacked both the know-how and motivation.”

 Are any of these students from Penn State? Do any of us fit this description? Do we know how to cook? Where and when can anyone take cooking classes for a fair price here in Centre County? Yes there are a few places; but a place that is partially built to teach this skill could be very useful for so many!

 A community kitchen would help with these problems. A place where skills could be learned, meals prepared and taken home to throw in the freezer for a busy day. A place where a community could come together to prepare a meal and eat it together. A place where lessons could be taught to those who come to the State College Food Bank and receive the extra produce that local farmers generously give, but the recipients may not know how to prepare them for their families. A place where anyone could learn a life-long skill.

 Let’s build a community kitchen and feel that community spirit that comes as people gather around a table to cook, learn and eat together!

Reskilling Workshop Reminders

  • Saturday, February 9 – Making Sauerkraut – Intro to Vegetable Lactofermentation, with Scott DiLoreto and Matt Sullenberger – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the State College Friends Meeting House, 611 E. Prospect Ave. $12 Suggested Donation. (Call 237-0996 or email to sign up)
  • Saturday, February 16 – Winter Garden Sowing: Milk Jug Greenhouses with Justin Wheeler – Saturday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 301 South Garner St. $12 Suggested Donation (Call 237-0996 or email to sign up)
  • Sunday, February 17 – Basic Bicycle Maintenance & Repair with Justin Wagner – Sunday, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Freeze Thaw Cycles, 109 South Allen Street. $12 Suggested Donation.(Call 237-0996 or email to sign up)
  • Saturday, March 16 – Mithai: Making Indian Desserts with Lata Anantheswaran –  9 a.m. to noon at State College Friends Meeting House. (Call 237-0996 or email to sign up)
  • Saturday, March 23 – Heritage Seed Saving, Seed Starting & Seed Swap with Ingrid Fowles – 10 a.m. to noon at State College Friends Meeting House, 611 E. Prospect Ave. (Call 237-0996 or email to sign up)
  • Saturday, April 20 – Planting Backyard Fruit & Nut Trees & Shrubs with Scott Diloreto, Emily Zink and Jennie Diehl – 10 a.m. to noon at 156 West Hamilton Ave. (Call 237-0996 or email to sign up)
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