Potpourri – January 24, 2013

Thank you to Erin G. for the word “potpourri.”

January 31 – Community Potluck: “Resources for Stewardship of the Earth”

(From Holly D’Angelo)

The Grace Lutheran Church Green Team and Transition Town State College would like to invite you or representatives of your organization to attend a potluck dinner and information exchange on Thursday, January 31 2013 from 5:45 to 7:30 PM at Grace Lutheran Church, corner of Beaver Ave. and Garner St., State College.

This will be an opportunity for local and regional groups with a focus on sustainability, stewardshipand other environmental issues to display and exchange information about their missions, current initiatives and future plans. The goal is to foster connections between faith based groups and existing environmental / sustainability organizations, and to provide individuals that have a faith-driven interest in environmental stewardship with opportunities to broaden their involvement.

RSVP: Please respond by January 25 to by email or call 814-238-2478. In your message, please indicate whether you are an individual or member of a group, your group’s name and your mission or the primary focus of your interest in environmental stewardship.

February 2 – “Creating a Space for Inner Transition” Workshop in State College

(From Sunny Rehler)

In this critical time of planetary and personal upheaval, it is essential that our responses be effective and well-coordinated. Key barriers to effective engagement are the sense of powerlessness, isolation and despair that environmental and social issues can generate. In this program – 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, February 2, in the Community Room at  Schlow Library – participants will be introduced to experiential group exercises,which help to transform psychological barriers and give us the courage and vision to generate appropriate cooperative action. This type of work is referred to as Inner Transition or, Joanna Macy’s words: “The Work That Reconnects.”  Please join us! There is no admission fee and preregistration is not required.

February 6 – “Foraging and Marketing Wild Edibles” Workshop in State College

(From Debra Grim)

The Pennsylvania Native Plant Society presents a free public workshop with Steven Schwartz – Wild Eats: Foraging and Marketing Wild Edibles on Wednesday, February 6 at 6:30 p.m. at Webster’s Bookstore and Café, 133 E. Beaver Ave.

Steven Schwartz is the proprietor of Delaware Valley Ramps, which grows, sells and promotes ramps and other wild edibles. We were lucky enough to convince Steven to make an early appearance prior to his participation in the PASA conference, to tell us about his experiences with wild foods. Steven loves to cook and share recipes with his customers and friends. The freezer is usually stocked with ramp bulbs and ramp pesto to make it through the PA winter. His customers often feature dishes such as stinging nettle pasta, rampitinis and even Japanese Knotweed and spruce bud jam. (Check out the Delaware Valley Ramps website and Facebook page.)

February 6 & 7 – Pre-Conference Tracks at PASA

(From Michele Gauger)

PASA began offering pre-conference tracks as part of our annual Farming for the Future Conference to allow attendees gain a full-day intensive learning experience. Each track focuses on a specific topic and brings together experts in the field. The track format allows attendees to gain a deeper knowledge and skills than can be implemented into daily operations. To see details of all tracks available – click here! Pre-conference tracks are available through pre-registration only. Walk-in registrations are not available – so please register by Tuesday, January 29. All pre-conference tracks include a light morning and afternoon snack, lunch & all handouts for the various workshops.

  •  Animal Feed & Forage: Alternatives to Corn & Soy
  • Adding Year-Round Production to Your Farm with High Tunnels
  • Beekeeping for the Future: A Workshop for Aspiring & Beginning Beekeepers
  • Food with Less Fuel: The Low Energy Homestead
  • Wholesale Success: Producing Safe Food & a Healthy Business While Managing Risk
  • Goods from the Woods: Foraging, Growing & Marketing Niche Forest Products
  • Taking Your Cheesemaking to the Next Level
  • Profitable Production & Parasite Resilient Stock in Small Ruminants
  • Hogs Alive!
  • Soils, Grazing & Grass-Based Land Management with Abe Collins
  • Behind the Hype of Genetic Engineering: Science, Policy & Alternatives
  • Special Youth Track: Youth in Farming: Create Your Own Farm Ventures (6th-12th Grade)

Food Safety Regulation Update from Brian Snyder

April 27 & June 8 – Pastured Pork Workshops in Sunbury 

Registration is open for two Pastured Pork workshops we will be hosting this spring. The first is on all-around fundamentals, the second on farrowing.

  • April 27 – PASTURED PORK DAY – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Thinking about raising pigs outdoors? Will they ruin your pasture? Will they escape? How will you get them in the trailer? What should you feed? How do you know when they’re ready? Three pastured pork producers and a nutritionist will share their experience on the day-to-day realities and challenges of raising pigs outdoors. Guest speakers include Jeff Mattocks from Fertrell Co., John Hopkins from Forks Farm in Columbia Co., Nolan Thenevet from Stryker Farm in Saylorsburg, PA., and hosts David and Caroline Owens who raise Tamworths. Fee $45 per person, preregistration required. Covered dish lunch. Information/registration online or by phone: 570-898-6060.
  • June 8 – PIGLETS ON PASTURE with Kelly Klober, author of Dirt Hogs – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – The natural follow-up to raising feeder pigs on pasture is to raise your own. Kelly Klober, Missouri hog producer and author of “Dirt Hogs,” joins us by teleconference to lead off this full-day workshop on breeding pigs in pasture-based productions systems. Hosts Caroline and David Owens will show how they raise Tamworths on pasture and woodland. Marc Michini from Purely Farms in Pipersville, PA will share lessons learned in controlling his pork supply with AI. Topics include breeding options, saving piglets, feeding, shelter, human safety, weaning, and genetic improvement. Fee $55 per person, preregistration required. Covered dish lunch. Information/registration online or by phone: 570-898-6060.


(From Dana Stuchul)

Water is worth it! From the water we drink, to the crops we irrigate, and to the lakes we swim in, Pennsylvania’s water supply is vital and worth protecting. The Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center is partnering with Penn State Extension, Sea Grant Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania American Water Resources Association to conduct a survey entitled Pennsylvanians and Their Water. The objective of this survey is to collect opinions from a large number of Pennsylvania residents on the current status of our water and how best to protect and manage it. This informal survey is intended as a public engagement project and does not necessarily represent a statistical sampling of opinions.

The five-minute survey can be completed online. Please feel free to pass along this email and the link to the survey to other Pennsylvania residents but they must be at least 18 years of age to complete the survey.

Green Directory at PSYouConnect

(From Serena Fulton)

I’ve been putting a website together to connect campus and community by including a directory of groups in both areas. I am still working on getting the calendar together, but the directory is up and ready.

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