Bibelots – August 20, 2012

Happy Valley Timebank Has Launched!

Sean Morgan

Sean Morgan and Charlie Kain are lead organizers for the new timebank in the Centre Region. Sean writes:

Happy Valley Timebank’s mission is to foster community connections through hour-for-hour exchanges of all of our unique gifts.  Time banking is defined as a pattern of reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time as currency. The drawbacks of the current economic system are well documented: outsourcing, environmental degradation, wealth disparity, government control, etc.  Through this localized alternative currency we are promoting equality among all stakeholders in our community.

Charlie Kain

Note: Happy Valley Timebank is enrolled in the TimeBanksUSA system, but it may take a few days for that website to begin accepting individual member enrollments. If it doesn’t work first time, check back later! We’ll post the direct link as soon as it’s available.

Charlie and Sean will be meeting regularly in downtown State College to come up with strategic ways to gain many members to create a vibrant mini-economy. If you would be interested in helping, please contact Sean or Charlie.

News from the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

News from Centre County Buy Fresh Buy Local

August 21 – Tuesday Downtown State College Market Preview

(From Betsy Green)

Farmers Market is open on Locust Lane in State College on Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

  • NEW VENDOR: Sweet Root Orchard –  10 varieties of apples, apple butter
  • NEW Guest Vendor: Nittany View Farm: Awesome Homemade Soaps made from milk from Meyer Dairy.
  • Moser’s Produce:  NEW Tropical melons, fall red raspberries.  Our sweet corn is now available (Bi-color).  We also have watermelons, cabbage and broccoli.  Still featuring an incredible selection of heirloom tomatoes.
  • Larksmirth Manor:  Papyrus houseplants for clean air and humidity.  Last week for nasturtium plants.
  • Fasta & Ravioli:  Weekly pasta and ravioli specials.  Don’t forget we now carry fresh mozzarella.
  • Hidden Hollow Farms:  Homemade baked goods – bread, cookies, donuts, pies and sweet breads.  Everything is fresh!  Sunflowers to brighten your home or party.
  • Red Hawk Premium Peppers:  Jalapeno Spread (heat level: 3/10)  This red jalapeno based spread is great with cream cheese on butter crackers for a memorable party snack. Also try our Hot Garlic Rub (heat level 4/10)  Dried cayennes and other hot peppers along with a healthy helping of garlic.  No smoked brisket is the same without it!!
  • Green Acre Farm:  Way-good sweet corn…chemical free.
  • Bell and Whistle Bakery:  Gluten free baked goods, vegan items and homemade gelato. This week’s  NEW Flavor Gelato –Sweet Corn!
  • Dn’D Farms:  NEW * All Natural Fruit Roll-ups.  We have beautiful burgundy beans, and red and yellow tomatoes.
  • Egg Hill Gardens:  Create your own bouquet from zinnias, snap-dragons, black-eyed susans, and many other cut flowers from which to choose.

August 22 – Tuesday Boalsburg Farmers Market Preview

Jim Eisenstein

(From Jim Eisenstein)

It’s always a good time to feast on the wonderful variety of locally produced products at our market, but this time of year is especially wonderful. In addition to items available year round (meat, dairy products, bread, etc.), you’ll find the traditional summer vegetables well as the first early fall products — squash, lettuce, and greens.

Have you heard about our Harvest Dinner? It will be held on Wednesday, October 10 at the Mount Nittany Winery, featuring local chefs preparing the bounty of the fall harvest (as well as remaining summer vegetables) from our vendors.

Our farmers will be there also, so you will be able to talk both to them and to local chefs. Tickets are only $25, and kids eat for free. Tickets will be available both at the market on Tuesday and at Websters Bookstore Cafe in downtown State College.

One other note. Wild for Salmon plans to be back at the market with its wild caught Alaska Salmon the week after next (Aug. 28). Boalsburg Market is open Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the PA Military Museum.

August 22 – Wednesday Lemont Farmers Market Preview

Jackie Bonomo

(From Jackie Bonomo)

Lemont Farmers’ Market is now all under roof! Vendors are on 2 levels in the historic Granary building on Mount Nittany Road. We also have a guest vendor bringing really local Lemont eggs rolling down the hill from Pauley’s  Mt. Nittany hen house. They are for sale at the Lemont Farmers’ Market table on Wednesdays from 3 pm. until sold out.

Mountain View Farm’s pasture raised meats have been absent from the Lemont Farmers’ Market for the past several weeks due to unavoidable illness. They hope to soon be taking meat requests for delivery at the following week’s Market.

  • Fasta & Ravioli – $1 off a selected ravioli and pasta each week – check the Lemont Farmers’ Market Facebook page for details
  • Deb’s Flowers will be bringing Holy Mole peppers, garlic and eggplant
  • Bee Kind Winery – Steuben wine has been re-released and is $11.99 per bottle
  • Sweet Heat Gourmet will have farm fresh local Peach and Clan Stewart Tomato Salsa
  • Nittany View Farm will offering fragrant Lavender Soap with Apricot Seed exfoliant
  • Clan Stewart Farm – luscious lettuces are back!

News from Way Fruit Farm

We have reached a point in the year where summer fruits & vegetables are abundant, and the fall apples are coming quickly. We hope you’ll come out soon and enjoy this seasonal transition and all it’s bounty.

Peaches are still running way ahead of schedule and so there will likely be only a week or so more to enjoy any of these sweet beauties. We hope you’ll join us at the store for all things peachy including: Peach pies, peach dumplings, peachy pancakes, peach cookies, peach muffins and more! Of course we’ll have fresh peaches for sale so you can enjoy some at home too! If you’re planning to can peaches, we hope you come out this coming week to ensure you get the quantity you’re looking for.

In addition to peaches, you’ll find that we have lots of local tomatoes, cantaloupe, bell peppers, jalapenos, and summer apples including Summer Rambo and Ginger Gold. There are lots of fresh garden vegetables for you to enjoy today at the farm!

What’s Cookin’? At the Way Cafe, Deli & Bakery, there’s also something new and delicious! Just follow your nose back to the Cafe area for freshly made pasta salad, homemade pickles, from-scratch peach dumplings, peach pies and so much more!

August 23 – Grange Fair Starts Thursday

More info.

Charlie White

August 23 – Central Susquehanna Valley Organic Crop Growers Network – Soil Health Field Meetings

(From Charlie White)

Come to these field meetings and learn about practical soil health assessments that you can do on your soil. Soil quality characteristics, soil profiles, aggregate stability assessment, infiltration rings, and using a penetrometer will all be discussed. Leading the discussion will be Charlie White, an extension associate with Penn State Extension in the Plant Science Department. The workshops will cover basically the same subject matter at each location. There is no charge to attend.

Thursday, August 23rd at 6PM at the farm of the Titus Martin, Jr. family; 556 Millheim Road, Watsontown, PA 17777

Thursday, August 30th at 6PM at Provident Farm owned by the Dave Johnson family; 1254 Black’s Creek Road, Liberty, PA 16930.

For more information, see the attached brochure: Central Susquehanna Organic Growers – Flier

Sarah Potter

Elizabeth Crisfield

September 5 – Next Friends & Farmers Cooperative Meeting

The co-op steering committee, led by Sarah Potter and Elizabeth Crisfield, will have their next meeting on Wednesday, September 5, location to be determined. Students from the Penn State Law School’s Rural Law Clinic, under the supervision of Ross Pifer, Esq., will be helping the steering committee incorporate this fall, by assisting with drafting of by-laws, articles of incorporation and other legal documents. To get involved, please contact Elizabeth, Friends & Farmers Membership Coordinator.

September 20 – Next Spring Creek Homesteading Potluck

Informal, family-friendly quarterly community potlucks bring together people interested in strengthening the local food system to share meals and build friendships, organized by the Spring Creek Homesteading Fund and the Borough of State College Public Works department. All potlucks are held in the Community Room (201) at the State College Borough building, 243 South Allen Street from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Please sign up ahead of time  by email or phone (237-0996).

Autumn Workshop Update – Spring Creek Homesteading

There are now four confirmed classes lined up for the fall series, including:

  • Quilting (Mary Ellen McMahon)
  • Cheese-making (Adam Seitz)
  • Meditation
  • Making Elf Holiday Decorations from Apples (Ingrid Fowles)

Still working on sausage-making, building a top-bar bee hive, tying knots, making scrapple and cooking – possibly a community cook-along format, rather than straight-up instructional – and more. Hope to have the full schedule ready for release by September 1…Stay Tuned!

Michele Marchetti

Behind-the-Scenes at the Golden Basket Competition

Michele Marchetti, writing at

“I wanted to steal the bowl of sungold tomatoes….”

October 14 – PA-Interfaith Power & Light Annual Meeting

(From Sylvia Neely)

On Sunday October 14th, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light will be holding its annual meeting and conference in Harrisburg at the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg.  The program, including two wonderful keynote speakers, can be accessed by clicking here.  To support the efforts of people of faith in Pennsylvania who are taking action on climate change, please consider taking the following actions:

Sylvia Neely

  1. Forward this email to your friends in central PA (especially in the Harrisburg area) to make sure they are aware of the conference.  People who register by August 31 will have their names listed in the program.  Registration form.
  2. Plan to come to the conference yourself.  There will be carpooling from State College on that day.
  3. Promote your business or organization by taking part in the Green Fair to be held in conjunction with the conference.  Here isthe information on how to participate.  If you register by August 31, your organization’s name will be included in the program.
  4. Buy an advertisement in the program to promote yourself or your organization, to honor a friend, or to communicate your message.  The sizes and rates are here.  Anybody can buy an advertisement!  Please forward the copy for your advertisement by August 31.
  5. Join PA IPL.  We encourage both individual and congregational memberships.  Click here for how to do so.

Please forward this message widely.  We are hoping for an exciting and stimulating sharing of ideas and celebration of the achievements of the people in Pennsylvania who care about the future of God’s Creation.

“Gender Roles and Energy Descent” – Women in Transition

Article by Mary Logan, with call for responses:

…Gender responses during stressful transitions may lead us to interpret and respond differently based on gender. There is a biological gender difference in how we respond to stress, both hormonally and behaviorally. The classic (Cannon, 1932; Selye, 1926) model of response to stress is fight, flight, (or freeze) involving either aggressive or avoidance behaviors. But early stress researchers used male samples.

Taylor et al. (2000) examined women, and proposed that women are perhaps prone to a different model of stress response of tend and befriend, where affiliation behaviors such as maternal tending and contact with peers is predominant in reducing stress of threats. It seems clear that both mechanisms would be adaptive in survival of communities, and the authors suggest that the befriending response could be especially prominent, perhaps for both genders, in situations of resource scarcity. Too much competition in this situation leads to extinction. What this suggests, then, is that we need the women to step up and speak out in the renegotiation of community. Have the male-dominated competitive behaviors become dominant in a century of capitalism, and how do we recollect the cooperative?…

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