Tuesday Farmers Market Previews – State College and Boalsburg

Downtown State College Tuesday Farmers Market – July 31 Preview

(From Betsy Green of Egg Hill Gardens)

The Tuesday market in downtown State College is open from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Locust Lane between College Avenue and Beaver Avenue.

Featured vendors and products this week include:

  • Red Hawk Premium Peppers:  Hot Pepper Relish (awesome on just about everything) and Strawberry Scorpion Sting (Heat Level 9/10-*not for beginners) A sweet yet savory combination that will keep you coming back for more!
  • Hidden Hollow Farms:  Specializing in Sunflowers and Gladiolus.  Fresh cut herbs available weekly.
  • Rocky Ridge Maple: Maple Cream – all natural – delicious as a spread on toast or Gemilli Bakers Bagels
  • Mosers Garden Produce:  Over 180 Heirloom tomato varieties – WOW! –come out and see them all!
  • Fasta & Ravioli Company:  Roasted Red Pepper Fettucini
  • Larksmirth Manor Perennials:  Cactus & Water plants.  Beautiful cut flower arrangements incorporating in-season Black-eyed Susan & Dahlias
  • Green Acre Farm: Honey from our own bees & Beeswax candles.  We use no chemicals on our farm, so check out our line of produce as well.
  • Spirit of the Season:  Gluten-free cranberry & white chocolate scones & gluten-free banana/chocolate chip muffins
  • H. S. Kitchen:  HUGE, Beautiful Sweet Onions for Burgers!  Baked ‘goodies’ made fresh EVERY time.
  • Sweet Heat Gourmet:  Caramelized Candy Onion BBQ sauce made with local Candy onions and many other BBQ sauces made with as many local products as possible.  Try our Bee Kind Blueberry Dessert Sauce (sweet, no heat) made with Bee Kind Winery Wine, Moser’s blueberries and Spirit of the Season Cinnamon Basil.
  • Spring Bank Acres:  Raw milk in glass bottles & eggs from our pastured hens.
  • Bell and Whistle:  Sicilian-style gelato now featuring Jackson’s Jubilee (coconut w/chocolate covered cherries) for the adventurous eaters.  Also available, fresh squeezed limeade.  Come out and see my new mobile kitchen!
  • Egg Hill Gardens:  Create your own bouquet with Snap-dragons, Zinnias and many other seasonal flowers.  Currently featuring 5 varieties of zucchini, picked young for best flavor & grilling.
Boalsburg Farmers Market – July 31 Preview

(From Jim Eisenstein)

The Boalsburg Farmers Market is open Tuesdays, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the PA Military Museum.

This week, the chefs who will be competing for our Golden Basket Award at the August 7 Boalsburg Farmers Market will be coming to decide what ingredients from the market they will be using to create the dishes they will prepare for the contest.

Here are just a few of the things they (and you) will see:

  • Bee Fruity Wine from Bee Kind Winery, a blend of cranberry, blueberry, raspberry, and concord and Niagara grapes;
  • plums, blueberries and peaches from Way Fruit Farm;
  • raw goat milk and goat cheeses from Byler Goat Diary;
  • raw milk from Beiler Family Farm along with their new pure maple syrup maple candy;
  • raw milk and milk cheeses (include Smoken’ Galen’s and Galen’s Good Old) from Clover Creek Cheese Cellars;
  • raw milk cheese and meats from Stone Meadow Farm;
  • fresh pork from Cow-a-Hen Farm;
  • lettuce, and mixed yellow, purple, and green beans from Clan Stewart Farm;
  • tomatoes, cantaloupe, and colored peppers from Mothersbaugh Farm;
  • Asian eggplant and chocolate mint from Littlefield Farm;
  • canning tomatoes from Ardry Farm;
  • cherry tomatoes and shallots from Patchwork Farm;
  • big boy tomatoes from Harold Kreider;
  • sweet orange cherry tomatoes and lettuce from Jade Family Farm;
  • green beans and blackberries from Eden View;
  • sticky buns from Gaffron’s Sunrise Bakery;
  • hot pepper products from Piper’s Peck;
  • lots of handmade soaps from Soap Sprite;
  • breads, tacos, and pizza from Gemelli’s Bakery;  and
  • fresh pasta from Fasta Pasta.

A lot to choose from for everybody.  Music will be provided from 4:00 to 5:00 by Biscuit Jam.

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