Miscellany – July 13, 2012

News from Centre County Buy Fresh Buy Local

  • CCBFBL E-Newsletter – July 13 Edition
  • Just in:  Sweet corn, Peaches and plums, Green, string, & yellow wax beans, Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, & gooseberries, Fresh garlic, Basil, Green and hot peppers
  • While they last: Rhubarb, Maple syrup from this Spring’s run, Peas
  • Peak season:  Tomatoes, Cucumbers and zucchini, Kohlrabi and brocolli, Lettuce, spinach, arugula, mustard, tatsoi, chard, kale, collards, and more, Beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, radishes, and turnips, Fresh herbs like chives, cilantro, and parsley, Potted vegetable, herb, and perennial plants
  • Year-round products: milk & dairy, honey, wine, meats, cheese, eggs and baked & canned goods

News from Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

News from Clearwater Conservancy

Clearwater Conservancy E-Newsletter – July 12 Edition:

  • The Centre Foundation’s Centre Gives fundraising event held in late June was by all accounts a success for participating county non-profits, including ClearWater Conservancy, which will receive about $33,000 from the event, the third highest tally among all participants….Every Centre Gives donor received a thank-you email from ClearWater during Centre Gives, but let us say it again: Thanks to all who donated. Your gift will be used to conserve land and water resources in Central Pennsylvania and help spread the word about the need to do so. We appreciate your partnership in our efforts.
  • Join ClearWater’s new Riparian Site Stewards – ClearWater is assembling a new cadre of volunteers to act as site stewards for each of the conservancy’s 20 or so riparian buffers in the Little Fishing Creek, Penns Creek, Spring Creek, and Spruce Creek watersheds. Our success in installing proper streamside vegetation has outstripped our staff’s ability to keep up with maintenance! Site stewards will communicate with landowners and ClearWater staff and conduct regular light maintenance on the buffer (including bird nets and tree tubes, tracking wildlife mortality and noting invasive species.) Volunteer site stewards are asked to make a minimum of a one-year commitment with riparian buffer visits approximately once a month. This is a great opportunity to get out on some of our local waterways, interact with caring landowners, learn about buffer restoration and help our riparian restoration program succeed. If you’ve ever wanted to be involved in hands-on environmental conservation, this is your chance! Training sessions will be held for all new volunteers. No credentials or experience is necessary. For more information, or to sign up, please contact Katie Ombalski by email or call 814-237-0400.

Video and Report from the July 6 Harrisburg EPA Protest at Toomey’s Office

(Video by Bill Eichman)

Thirty-five enthusiastic protesters held signs and chanted outside Toomey’s office in downtown Harrisburg on July 6, from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Our activists’ age ranged from 2 to 85 years. Ed Perry brought a van full from State College, I brought a couple people from Philly, and activists from York and Harrisburg came as well. We had given a heads-up to Senator Casey’s regional office manager, Matt Leonard. He stopped by at noon and we all praised Senator Casey for his vote against the CRA. You can see the signs praising Casey in the attached photos, but there were lots more signs blasting Toomey. Ed Perry had called Toomey’s office to let them know we were protesting outside their office, and why we were protesting, and invited them to come down and explain Toomey’s bad votes, but no one came down. So we decided to go up to his office. Unfortunately, the building guard wouldn’t let us in, but he did get Toomey’s office manager, Bob deSouza, to come down at long last, where he was grilled by the group about Toomey’s bad votes.

New Online PSU Course: Beekeeping 101

Bees make an incredible difference on your garden and can be a natural extension of your commitment to healthy organic living.

  • Yield more from your fruit trees and vegetable garden
  • Increase flower and plant blossoms
  • Support a healthy neighborhood ecosystem
  • Harvest honey from your own backyard hive

Learn the basics of beekeeping with Penn State’s new online course Beekeeping 101! Register anytime and start at your convenience.

July 17 & 24 – White House Virtual Conference & USDA TwitterChat.

On July 17, USDA is proudly unveiling the 2.0 version of the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass, a digital resource detailing USDA’s involvement in local and regional food. Please help us spread the word!

You are invited to participate in an exciting launch event on Tuesday, July 17 at 3 pm ET. The USDA and the White House will host a Google+ Hangout with USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan, White House Director of Office of Public Engagement Jon Carson and six women leaders – producers, small business owners, and others – to explore local foods through the voices of women.

This virtual event can be viewed online live at 3pm ET. Invite your lists, watch the event and participate by sending Twitter questions via #WHHangout or on the White House Google + page during the event.

Then on Tuesday, July 24 at 1:30 ET, you’re invited to join USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan for a follow-up Twitter chat about local and regional food. You can ask her questions directly using #KYF2 or #ASKUSDA. You can also email us at any time at knowyourfarmer@usda.gov with feedback or questions.

What is the Compass? The KYF Compass highlights USDA investments in local food systems; showcases inspiring local food success stories from around the country; and features an interactive map. The 2.0 version of the map (live on July 17) is searchable by keyword or zip code radius, easier to use and has thousands of new data points, including USDA-funded local food projects in all 50 states, farmers markets, food hubs, wholesale markets, meat processing facilities, and other critical infrastructure.

July 20-22 – School of Living Weekend in Julian

The School of Living is an educational organization dedicated to learning and teaching the philosophy, practices and principles of living that are self-empowering for individuals within the general aim of establishing decentralized, ecologically-sound, self-governed and humane communities.

Join us for a weekend of education, board meetings, social connection, and fun at the Julian Woods Community in Julian PA. All parts of the meeting are open to the public free of charge; we just request a contribution for the meals, if you are here for any of the meals.  (Please bring covered dish to share and label any items, to which people may be allergic  – like wheat or dairy.  Also indicate, if your dish is vegetarian, vegan or has meat or fish!)


  • July 21 – 10 a.m. – “Building Your Homesteading Community” with Bill Sharp – The School of Living was created to support forming and developing self-reliant homesteading communities.  This interactive workshop will address overcoming barriers to achieving this goal today.  You may expect to come away from this session with a clearer idea what you can do to get your homesteading experience started or moving forward.
  • July 21 – 3 p.m.  – “Towards A Future Of Abundance For All” with Robert Forsberg – Before coming to the SOL weekend, go to Thrivemovement.com; look under the tab headings; MOVIE – RESEARCH – THE 12 SECTORS – HOME – TAKE ACTION – SOLUTIONS HUB – STORE. Whether you watch the movie or not, your exploration here may be surprising and uplifting. Please take time to consider questions about what you see; your questions can make for an exciting dialogue.

Click here  to see a full schedule of the weekend activities. To register, contact Ann Wilken by email or phone 814-353-0130. For more information about School of Living see www.schoolofliving.org.

July 28 – Stop the Frack Attack Rally in Washington DC – Sierra Club Moshannon Bus

[Not sure if it’s too late to sign up for this – I got the announcement on July 11. Contact organizers for more info.]

(From Gary Thornbloom via Ed Perry) – Sierra Club Moshannon Group will charter a bus to Washington DC for the July 28th Stop the Frack Attack Rally if we receive reservations from at least 25 people. The cost is $25 per person. The bus will take 47 people, but we need at least 25 people in order to make it worth doing. If you are interested please email me. We must receive checks from 25 people by Wednesday July 11 in order to reserve the bus.  Please send your check for $25 made out to Sierra Club Moshannon Group to:
Ron Johnson
Sierra Club Moshannon Group
222 Yeager Hollow Road
Julian, PA  16844

We will confirm the following within the next week:  the bus will leave from State College at a location to be determined; it will likely leave at 8AM (but this will also be determined); it will return in the evening that same day. Please help us to spread the word and let’s fill the bus!

August 9 – Oilseed Pressing Workshop at Penn State University Park

Save the date – Thursday, August 9, 2012 – if you are interested in attending an oilseed workshop that will be held at Penn State, University Park. The time of the workshop will be 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and will cover the following topics:

  • Oilseed presses; how they work, hands-on stary-up and operation
  • Filtering; different methods of cleaning oil following the pressing operation. Which work well?
  • Cleaning of the seed; seed cleaner operation and importance of clean seed
  • Oil storage & oxidation considerations
  • Oil processing steps for food quality oils
  • What to do with the oilseed meal?
  •  Time for questions & discussion

There will be a $15 registration fee that will cover lunch. Attached is a flier – Oilseed+Workshop – containing registration information, directions, etc.

Michele Marchetti on Summer Food Bucket Lists

From StateCollege.com:

People wrongly assume that my support for healthy school lunches or our local growers makes me a member of the food police. I am not. Meat, sugar and fat are part of my diet. I believe in dessert — after or for breakfast…

Since I tend to eat the unhealthiest in the summer — damn you, barbecue — I’m sharing my summer food bucket list: a gluttonous list of my favorite, local summertime eats…

Read on for recommendations from The Creamery to DelGrosso’s…

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