Friends & Farmers Market & Home Brewers Club – Updates

Sarah Potter, Doug Henry and Daryl Sinn at a recent co-op steering meeting at Webster’s

Friends & Farmers Co-op Steering Committee Meeting Tomorrow

The steering committee for the Friends & Farmers cooperative grocery store will meet Wednesday July 11, at 7 p.m. at Webster’s Bookstore Cafe. Check out the Voices article Carolyne Meehan wrote about the Friends & Farmers Co-op in the July “Local Foods” issue (see page 8).

Here’s the agenda announcement from committee chair Sarah Potter:

No rest for the weary…You are probably loaded up with summer activities, but hopefully you can carve some time out to “co-op” this Wednesday evening. If you can’t, that’s okay and hopefully you can make it next week (July 18) to our potluck gathering at Mark’s farm (Greenmore Gardens). We will be busy this month as we try and make some bigger decisions.

Agenda for July 11 Work Session

1. Go over and approve minutes from previous meeting
2. Share updates and new findings ( 30 min)
  • Logo Status and Update
  • Cooperative Cookbook update
  • Meeting update with SCORE volunteer
  • Introduce Ross Pifer, from PSU Law
  • PCO Organic FarmFest update
  • Online document collaboration sites, pros and cons
  • Report on conversation with a consultant, Ben Sandel, from CDS
  • Fictitious Name application update
  • Discuss the need for temporary officers (more work and discussion on this after the Legal/Finance committe meets)
3. Split into committees (Legal/Finance and Membership) for Updates/Work- please bring printed materials to review or a device to share to look up information from our To-Do Lists. (1 hour)

Membership – Working on education plan – Gather a list of Pennsylvania co-op’s (FCU’s, ACE hardware and others) and other general documents that could help advertise and educate people about Cooperatives for Farm Fest; Start defining F&F membership: benefits/package, framing the pitch, membership goal, look over draft brochure and brainstorm additions/edits.

Legal/Finance – Look at Bylaw samples and discuss wording/changes;  Officers/Board of Directors timeline, legal consults, how/when we will vote; look at financial planning (bank accounts, seed money, capital grants – USDA rural grants and Keystone Development Center.

Please come prepared with some questions in your mind that we could ask Ross Pifer, the lawyer that Carolyne connected with via PSU Law.

Quick report out at the end. This agenda will likely run into next week after we have dined and toured the new Community Supported Kitchen at Greenmore Gardens.

Dustin Kennedy

Home Brewers Club Now Forming

Email announcement from Dustin Kennedy following his column in the Centre Daily Times June 28 – Calling all home-brewing aficionados:

Thanks for your interest in a homebrewing association.  It looks like we have the start for a good group. I don’t mind organizing things, but if anyone wants to be more involved in any part of this let me know.  I’m going to outline a few things that I think we should do to get this up and running, and then I’ve included a few questions that will help us gather resources.  Please email (only) me with a response if you have suggestions, and I’ll compile the answers into my next email.  This way we’re not clogging inboxes.

1: NAME – We need a name.  I know that there were a few clubs in town before, and some of you may want to resurrect them (SCUM for instance).  I’m not too concerned with the name, other than that I think it should reflect the county rather than just State College.  Centre County Homebrew Association (CCHA) seems serviceable. Also, you can pronounce this like a karate chop if you want to – Ka- CHA!

2:  WEBSITE – I think we need a web presence for visibility.  I’ve had a very good experience with blogging on WordPress.  We can start it for free, and if we are interested in doing so we can buy the domain name.  We need a name so that we can register it with wordpress.  I’m hoping to have both a blog/message board.

3:  MEETINGS – We should have a meeting in the summer, and then plan one for the fall as well.  I’d suggest getting together once per season for an event and some brews. For example, we could all try to brew an Octoberfest style brew for the fall meeting.

4:  NETWORKING – Greg Somers (who co-founded State College BrewExpo and ran it for 12 years) contacted me.  Greg and Josh Davies are in the process of starting Happy Valley Brewing Co, which will be located in the old barn just off College Ave heading into Lemont.  They seem excited about building a relationship with the club.  Hopefully we can do something insane like talking them into letting us run a batch through their equipment or something.

5:  EDUCATION – There are a few upcoming workshops via the Spring Creek Homesteading folks. You can contact Katherine Watt if you are interested. The Advanced Home Beer Brewing workshop starts with “Building a Mash Tun” this coming Saturday, July 14, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 156 W. Hamilton Avenue. Second part will be “All Grain Brewing” on Saturday, July 21 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 156 W. Hamilton Ave.

And here are some questions:

  • Q1:  Do you have a suggestion for a name?  Let me know.  I’ll make a list and then we’ll vote.
  • Q2: Do you have a suggestion for what the website should do?  The blog part will announce events.  The forums will allow us to communicate.  I thought we should also include a list of resources for the local homebrewer and also an area for buying/selling/trading equipment amongst ourselves.
  • Q3:  Where do you buy your homebrew stuff at in the area?  I will add these shops to make a list of resources.  I want to approach some of these business about buying wholesale for the club to reduce costs.
  • Q4:  Do you want to meet during August to share some homebrew and kick off this club?  Let me know if you’ll be out of town.  I was thinking a Friday or Saturday night would be best.
  • Q5:  Here is a long shot: is anyone good at making graphics and T-shirt logos?  I’m also looking for high quality digital photographs for the website.
  • Q6:  Did you participate in any of the past homebrew clubs?  If so, what was your impression?  What worked, what didn’t work, and why did it close?
  • Q7:  Are you growing hops?  Are you interested in trying out any weird techniques, such as home-malting?  Do you have experience building or converting brew equipment that you would like to share?
  • Q8:  Where did you learn your skills at as a homebrewer?  Is there a great book out there?  A website that you really like?
  • Q9:  What are your favorite beer brews and styles?  Is there anything you want to try out?
  • Q10:  Do you have any other suggestions or announcements?
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