Boalsburg Market Preview for July 3, 2012

From Jim Eisenstein:

The week after this (July 10th), we will hold our second Learning Kitchen, in which local chefs will demonstrate how to cook less-common vegetables and how to prepare summer drinks using plants from your garden and the farmers market. If you have a calendar, mark it.

This week our vendors will bring a number of fine products.

  • Clan Stewart will have yellow and green beans and red potatoes;
  • Beiler Family Farm has big sweet onions, carrots, and rhubarb;
  • Mothersbaugh Farms has European cukes and tomatoes;
  • Patchwork Farm will bring its long asked for cut basil and blueberries;
  • Ardry Farm has cauliflower, yellow beans, and pickling cukes;
  • Way Fruit Farm expects both peaches and blueberries.
  • Jade Family Farm has black currants, garlic, peas, and lots of greens, include senposai, a Japanese green like collards but milder.
  • Eden View Farm has fresh chicken, candy onions, and from the kitchen sprouted scones and fresh cherry cobbler.
  • Cow-a-Hen Farm will have fresh pork and
  • Stone Meadow Farm’s beef is back.
  • Clover Creek Cheese Cellars has its new feta cheese.
  • Soap Sprite has a large selection of handmade soaps.
  • Bee Kind Winery is welcoming back its Camp Red, Susquehanna Red, and House White wines.
  • Harold Kreider Farm will have its usual tomatoes,
  • Sunset Valley Farm its handmade ice-cream,
  • Gaffron’s Bakery its usual selection of baked goods and deserts, including key lime pie this week,
  • Gemelli’s Bakery its fine breads and fresh made tacos and pizza,
  • Tamarack Farm its felted soap, and
  • Byler Dairy its raw goat milk drinks and cheeses.
  • For your Fourth of July BBQ, Piper’s Peck is featuring its hot honey BBQ sauce.

These are just some of the products these vendors will bring. Come yourself to see the full array. Richard Sleigh will sing and play from 4:00 to 5:30, all this at the PA Military Museum from 2 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 3, where the parking is convenient, right there, and free.

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