Boalsburg Market Preview – June 5

(From Jim Eisenstein) Boalsburg Farmers Market vendors provide customers with a nice combination of standard products coupled with new items as the seasons change.  So you can expect the same excellent cheeses and other dairy products, pasta, breads, tacos and pizza prepared on site, and handmade soaps.

This coming Tuesday’s new products include:

  • sugar snap peas from Clan Stewart and Beiler Family Farm,
  • shell peas from Ardry Farm,
  • broccoli from Clan Stewart and Ardry Farm,
  • fresh pork from Cow-a-Hen farm and
  • fresh chickens from Eden View, and
  • cherry tomatoes from Patchwork Farms.

Featured products from other vendors include Wild Chanterelle Mushroom and Chives cheese from Clover Creek, walnuts from Byler Goat Diary, berry flavored jellies from Clan Stewart, marinated vegetable salad in balsamic vinegar from Eden View, beef and veal tongue and beef cheeks from Stone Meadow Farm, Bee Fruity wine for your sangria base from Bee Kind Winery, big beef tomatoes from Harold Kreider, strawberries from Way Fruit Farm, Ardry Farm, and Jade Family Farm, and garlic scapes, four varieties of head lettuce, and other spring greens from Jade.  Sunset Valley Farm will bring hot fudge sauce for its handmade ice cream.

If you’ve been to the market – open every Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the PA Military Museum in Boalsburg – you know there is much much more. If you haven’t been to the market yet, come check us out.

For next week’s market, on June 12, we will hold a learning kitchen with renowned local chef and cooking instructor Grace Pilato and Elk Creek Café’s chef Mark Johnson showing visitors how to use ingredients obtained from market vendors.

Richard Sleigh will be our guest musician, playing from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

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