Hugelkultur and Chicken Coops This Saturday

There’s still space in this Saturday’s hugelkultur (10 a.m.) and chicken coop building (12 p.m.) workshops, both being held in Lemont.

Email or call 237-0996 to sign up.

Diagram of a hugelkultur bed

From FuoriBorgo:

“…How you dispose of large quantities of garden waste mainly depends on whether you live in a rural or urban area, and on how much land you have…[A Hugelkultur mound] is a carefully planned and “constructed” compost heap, which also provides a good spot for growing vegetables – right on top of the heap itself. Hugelkultur was invented by German horticulturalists Hans Beba and Herman Andra in 1979, and since then has become a part of biodynamic agriculture. Done properly, it creates a raised bed in just a few months, and will remain fertile for 4-6 years (Beba and Andra recommend starting in the fall, so that by the following spring the heap will be ready for sowing)…”



The plans for the sample coop will likely be similar to this one, from Catawba Coops, but with plywood sides to cut costs.

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