Food Co-op Naming Wednesday – UPDATED

The first meeting of the food cooperative’s two new subcommittees – Membership & Finance/Legal  – will be Wednesday, May 2 at 7 p.m. at the State College Borough Building. The Membership Committee will be choosing a name for the co-op, while the Finance/Legal committee will be continuing to gather and analyze information about the financial and legal steps involved in creating a cooperative.

Please email Sarah Potter ( if you plan to attend either committee’s meeting – to make sure there’s enough room for everyone. Please submit suggested co-op names as comments on blog posts and pages.

Proposed names so far:

  • Bear Meadows Co-0p
  • Centre Edibles Co-op
  • Centre County Co-op
  • Centre Region Co-op
  • College Co-op
  • Cooper’s Gap Co-op
  • Cornutopia
  • Edible Centre Co-op
  • Galbraith Gap Co-op
  • Green Dragon Co-op
  • Green Parrot Co-op
  • Mr. Hooper’s Co-op (for Sesame Street fans of a certain age…)
  • Nittany Mountain Co-op
  • People’s Co-op
  • Poe Paddy Co-op
  • Railroad Avenue Co-op
  • Slab Cabin Run Co-op
  • Spruce Creek Co-op
  • Tussey Mountain Co-op

UPDATE Monday afternoon:

Kari Sorensen’s final report for her Landscape Architecture project: Sorensen Report – 4.30.12

(Project as assigned: LArch App – Indoor Farmers Market).

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One Response to Food Co-op Naming Wednesday – UPDATED

  1. Ellen says:

    One not mentioned advantage of the RR site is that it is close to graduate student housing and located between campus and grad student housing and is a walkable / bikable distance. It is also not far from large buildings such as IST and meterology. So faculty, staff, and students could easily pop over. If there were an attractive place to get lunch or snacks there every day or week day even if there were no market some days, it would develop news habits and support using the market.

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