Herbal Tinctures Photos & Boalsburg Tuesday Market Preview

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(From Jim Eisenstein) – Say “Hooray!” for May.  The Boalsburg Farmers Market (Tuesdays, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the PA Military Museum) – had a wonderful first outdoor market last week, with happy customers stocking up on spring greens, asparagus, rhubarb, cheeses, breads, and all of the other fine products you’ve come to expect.

This Tuesday, May Day, you’ll see not only the same things as last week, but a few new products.

  • Stone Meadow will bring a variety of cuts of beef, the first of this season.
  • Byler Goat Dairy will have its usual assortment of goat cheese.
  • Beiler Family Farm will bring pork.
  • Eden View will have its wonderful sprouted breads and bagels.
  • Jade Family Farm will have a big supply of most spring greens you can think of, and some you may not (like mache).
  • Way Fruit Farm still has apples and cider.

This is just a sampling of what you’ll find. Come and discover for yourself what an excellent selection of locally produced items our vendors bring. And starting at 4 p.m., Steve Crawford will be playing his guitar and singing for your enjoyment.

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One Response to Herbal Tinctures Photos & Boalsburg Tuesday Market Preview

  1. anne burgevin says:

    Hi Katherine,
    The second hand clothes altering workshop went very well! There were two participants who each came with some clothes they wanted to alter/redesign. I showed them some of the projects I have done to modify second hand clothes which led to a demonstration about how to use the gathering stitch. I knew ahead of time that they wanted to have a refresher on sewing a zipper, so that is what we did next. Each of them sewed a zipper into some scrap fabric; then we moved onto modifying the skirt and tunic they brought. As we sewed we talked about other ways to alter clothes in order to make them fit better or have more of a flair. It was fun for all of us and I think we all left with some good ideas for upcoming sewing projects. It would be worth thinking about offering a basic clothing sewing class, perhaps spread over a three week period. Both participants felt like they had a grasp of sewing on a machine and yet there were holes in their understanding. A three week class could help people fill in that kind of gap. I’ll drop off the class fees early this week. This one is on me!

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