Summer Workshops – Scheduling Underway

I sent out an email a few days ago, checking in with prospective instructors for the Summer 2012 Reskilling Workshops.

We’re aiming to schedule most of them on the weekends between July 14 and August 26:

  • July 14 & 15
  • July 21 & 22
  • July 28 & 29
  • August 4 & 5
  • August 11 & 12
  • August 18 & 19
  • August 25 & 26

If you’re interested in teaching a class, please let me know ( by Monday, May 7, including:

  1. What skill you want to teach
  2. Which dates do work for you
  3. Which dates don’t work for you
  4. Whether your class is a one-time workshop or a series
  5. How big a block of time you’d like for each session

Here’s the list of possible classes so far (pending instructor confirmations):

  • Cooking Greens with Dorothy Blair
  • Ethiopian Cooking with Yao Agawu
  • Cooking with Local Summer Produce (series) with LaCreta Holland
  • Building a Mash Tun for Home Beer Brewing with Ryan Elias and Dustin Kennedy (should be scheduled before Beer Brewing class)
  • All-Grain Home Beer Brewing with Ryan Elias
  • Tying Useful Household Knots with Brian Burger
  • Wild Edibles (series) with Stephanie Hertel – “roots, barks, and shoots of the hill side…stalks and flowers found in valleys…”
  • Building a Solar Drier with Josh Lambert
  • Clay Oven Bread Baking with Dana Stuchul and Chris Uhl – Available late July – “4 to 5 hour workshop … enrollment at 8-10, firing oven/baking, constructing a mini-oven to gain experience working with clay…”
  • Whole Animal Butchery with Steve Bookbinder – Available July 14, 21 or 28
  • Home Cheese-making with Kerry Kalygian – “4 to 5 hour block of time”
  • Intro to Magic: The-Gathering (card game) with Ed Lambert (non-electric entertainment) – July 14
  • Intro to Dungeons & Dragons with Ed Lambert (non-electric entertainment) – July 21
  • Folk-Art Painting on Reclaimed Wooden Furniture with Beverly Crow
  • Building Compost Bins with Alexa Schriempf

Possible Community Cooking/Meal Prep Program this Summer:

Eric and Ruth Sauder of New Leaf Initiative, and Bobby Raggazino of the PSU Community Food Security Club are thinking about organizing a community cooking program.

Eric wrote: “Bobby Raggazino and I have been talking about how awesome a community kitchen would be where 15 folks would meet together on a Sunday afternoon and make food for the week, teach each other to cook, divide up the recipes, and in 2-3 hours walk away with all their food for the week.  Seems like there would be ways that we could try this out for low overhead…”

I replied:  “Your community kitchen/meal prep idea is great. I suggest you and Bobby check in with LaCreta Holland to see if she wants to be directly involved in organizing it, and schedule a trial run of three or four Sunday afternoons at the Friends Meeting House kitchen. Another possible event location is the community kitchen at Greenmoore Gardens; contact Mark Maloney. Alternatively, if you and Bobby identify the coordinators/contacts for more info, and the dates/times, I’d be happy to reserve the space under Spring Creek Homesteading on your behalf, at either the Friends Meeting House or Greenmoore Gardens. I’d also be happy to advertise the series via the blog, email list and CDT page – whichever way you proceed with the location & reservations. Just keep me posted.”

So…please stayed tuned for details on that series if Eric, Ruth and Bobby set up a schedule.

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