Help Name the Cooperative

The food cooperative team is taking the next steps toward creating a State College-based, community-owned food cooperative, and one of their first next tasks is choosing a name. Suggestions welcome – please post them in the comments section on this post, and I’ll keep a running list of submitted suggestions up at the Food Co-op page.

Some starter ideas:

Local Geography-Inspired

  • Poe Paddy Co-op
  • Tussey Mountain Co-op
  • Slab Cabin Run Co-op
  • Galbraith Gap Co-op
  • Bear Meadows Co-0p
  • Cooper’s Gap Co-op


  • Green Dragon Co-op
  • Green Parrot Co-op


  • Mr. Hooper’s Co-op (for Sesame Street fans of a certain age…)
  • Cornutopia
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4 Responses to Help Name the Cooperative

  1. Andre La Velle says:

    College Co-oP

  2. Bob Fowles says:

    For a co-op name I suggest “Centre Region co-op” or “Centre County co-op” to facilitate look-up.

  3. Jackie says:

    NIttany Mountain Co-Op
    Edible Centre Co-Op
    Centre Edibles Co-Op

  4. Jenn says:

    Poe Paddy is a nice name. I also like Jackie’s Centre Edibles but Bob has a point with a ‘Centre’ based name.

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