Permablitz April 7 – Permaculture Enthusiasts Wanted

Jackie Bonomo

(From Jackie Bonomo)

Penns Valley Learning Garden Permablitz April 7, 2012

What, you may well ask, is a PermaBlitz?

Short for Permaculture Blitz, the permaculture part came to us from Australia and describes a movement to develop sustainable human settlements and agricultural systems by modeling them on natural ecosystems. The blitz part simply means a concentrated effort to get something done.

A group of people from around Centre County, led by Jackie Bonomo and Lindsey Aumiller, are coming together to do these Blitzes, to show folks how to incorporate food production right into their neighborhoods.

And the best part about the Blitzes is, if you participate in three of them, you earn the opportunity to have one at your place. The Penns Valley Learning Garden PermaBlitz will be used to install a forest garden consisting of fruit trees and shrubs, plus companion plants. We’ve already got a design, and we’re busy gathering the materials for sheet-mulching the area and the trees and other plants for what’s called the “guild,” which is a group of plants and even insects that work well together, using the same resources as the main plant, often in interrelated ways.

On Saturday, April 7, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., as many people as we can get will come together to put the forest garden in place while learning-by-doing about sheet mulching, companion plantings, creating swales for water retention, and Hugelkultur (a fun word for making raised garden beds filled with rotting wood).

If you are interested in these topics, in possibly earning a permablitz at your own place, or just in helping the Penns Valley Learning Garden put in a forest garden, please sign up to attend.

Because we will feed you, we need you to commit to being there, so please RSVP ASAP.

To sign up and/or donate contributions to purchase trees and shrubs, email or call Katherine Watt ( or email Julie Mason (

Directions to the Penns Valley Learning Garden at the American Legion Post in Millheim: Take Route 322 East to left turn onto Route 45 East. Drive about 35 minutes, about ¼ mi. past Burkholder’s Country Market (which is on your right), Legion Lane will be on the left before you get into Millheim.

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