Regional Food Systems Talk, Farm Camp for Kids & More – March 15, 2012

Regional Food Systems Talk March 23 – Sustainable Ag Seminar Series

Charlie White

(From Charlie White) – Regional Food Systems in a State Context – An Opportunity for Land Grants to Engage By Dr. Michael Hamm

Friday, March 23, 2012; 1:30-2:20 PM at 215 Armsby Building on the Penn State Campus (Discussion session to follow the seminar in 215 Armsby)

Michael Hamm

Michael Hamm is the C. S. Mott Professor of Sustainable Agriculture at Michigan State University and head of the C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems at MSU.

The work of the C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems is focused on small- and medium-scale family farm viability, equal access by all members of a community to a healthy diet, and dispersing animals in the countryside.

Dr. Hamm’s research, teaching and outreach focus on the areas of community food security and sustainable community food systems.

Seminar hosted by the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Sponsored by the Northeast SARE Penn State Program. The Sustainable Agriculture Seminar Series is organized by the Sustainable Agriculture Working Group in the College of Agricultural Sciences. For more information, contact Charlie White at or 814-863-9922, or visit us online.

FARMcamp at Greenmoore Gardens – Summer 2012

Greenmoore Gardens CSA is organizing summer farm camps for kids ages 5 to 13 this coming summer, with lots of great local food and nature oriented activities. More information at the FARMcamp web-page, and in the brochure. This info will also be posted at the FarmCamp page here at the blog for easy reference.

Brian Burger

Brian Burger Collecting Orders for Wooden Bushel Crates by March 31

(From Brian Burger) A few years ago I had some wooden bushel crates made by a nearby Amish carpenter. I have been happy enough in all regards with their use that I am considering the construction of more crates.

The crates are slotted, open construction with corner braces and long-staple fastened. The wood will likely be poplar, and the crates are designed with top and bottom edges that interlock for more stable stacking. I’ve been using them for garden harvest, cold-storage and also stacked storage of home-canned foods. The size holds precisely a bushel and will accommodate a dozen quart or 6 ½-gallon canning jars.

The carpenter is willing and able to construct more…pricing is not set yet but I expect them to be somewhere in the $6-7 range, depending somewhat on the quantity ordered. Orders due by March 31; respond by email to

News from PASA

Age of Limits Conference – May 25-28

The Age of Limits Conference: Conversations on the Collapse of the Global Industrial Model – will be held May 25 – 28 in Artemas PA, and includes a kick-ass list of deep thinkers:

  • John Michael Greer: Scholar and author of more than twenty books on a wide range of subjects, including The Long Descent: A User’s Guide to the End of the Industrial Age, The Ecotechnic Future: Exploring a Post-Peak World, and The Wealth of Nature: Economics As If Survival Mattered.
  • Carolyn Baker Ph.D.: Professor of history and psychology, psychotherapist and author of Navigating The Coming Chaos: A Handbook For Inner Transition and Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse.
  • Dmitry Orlov: Essayist, wry social commentator and author of the acclaimed Reinventing Collapse – The Soviet Experience and American Prospects.
  • Gail Tverberg: Professional Actuary and Mathematician, global limits analyst and writer.
  • Thomas Whipple: Retired senior analyst for the CIA and a well known researcher and writer on energy and oil issues, Chief Editor of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil-USA’s flagship publication, Peak Oil News and Review.

Sierra Club Statement on Act 13

(From The Sierra Club – Contacts: Jeff Schmidt: 717.232.0101; Jason Pitt: 202.675.6272)

..the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Sierra Club launched a new tool in the fight against the Mad Rush to Drill Act or Act 13. The Mad Rush to Drill Act Mythbuster Factsheet is designed to not only discredit industry talking points but also cite specific pieces of the law that promote dangerous fracking practices.“As the industry looks to begin fracking in other states it is important for everyone to know what is happening in Pennsylvania,” said Deb Nardone, Director of Sierra Club’s Natural Gas Reform Campaign. “This new law shows how deep industry claws are dug into Pennsylvania. The PA mythbuster resource provides the facts that every state with potential for fracking should read before they let this dangerous industry take control.”

“Pennsylvanians deserve to know the truth about what the future of the state will look like with this fracking law in place,” said Jeff Schmidt, Director of Sierra Club’s Pennsylvania Chapter. “The gas industry and the law’s supporters like to make claims that it promotes safe and responsible drilling but the text of the law shows the very opposite. This resource gives the public the facts they need to fight back against this terrible law and protect the health of our communities and environment from fracking.”

The Mad Rush to Drill Act Mythbuster Factsheet provides the truth on fracking fluid disclosure requirements, municipal rights, setbacks of fracking from houses and many other issues.


Just a heads-up for readers/contributors: As we move into prime growing season, I’m hoping and planning to spend less time on the web and more time in the garden, so post frequency will go down a bit. -KW

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