Holly D’Angelo on Transition Town State College Local Food Forum – April 3

Holly D’Angelo writes:

On April 3, Transition Town State College will be hosting a Local Foods Forum at the State College Borough Building [updated – from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.] This event will engage some of the more troubling questions surrounding the local foods movement that is even now gaining momentum in the region, as the popularity of Spring Creek Homesteading attests to.

In our forum we will first introduce the Transitions Towns model which is at its core a grassroots movement to transition our society off of fossil fuels from the bottom up, instead of waiting for our leadership to make the changes necessary. We will address the reasons why going local is so important at this time and the bigger picture behind this need.

There will then be a presentation and discussion on pathways from the grocery store towards a goal of getting 60% of one’s food locally.

Finally, one of our members will lead a visioning session to help us get some ideas on the table of how to make a large-scale transition a reality. All of this is centered around a potluck with hopefully a lot of dishes made from local foods, just as a demo of how much you can do with things gotten from nearby sources.

This is the general idea for the forum as I understand it.

The part of this project that I am working on is the presentation on transitioning from a grocery store lifestyle to a diet based mostly in local foods. I am using my own (limited!) experiences in making this change as the root idea for this project. This guide will be targeting those people who would like to go local, but find the change too difficult, too time consuming, believe it is too expensive or they don’t know where to begin – like me a few years ago. I am currently still in the midst of my journey out of the grocery store. I’m looking for people with a variety of lifestyles who have converted to local eating and who are willing to help with this project. If you think that might be you or you know someone who might help, please contact me! I would be very grateful for any help offered.

Holly D’Angelo, 814-441-9447, sevnstarr_serpent@yahoo.com

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3 Responses to Holly D’Angelo on Transition Town State College Local Food Forum – April 3

  1. Joshua Brock says:

    Thanks! What time is this event?

  2. Holly D'Angelo says:

    Oh sorry, I didn’t post that did I? It’s 7:00 to 9:00 pm. I’ll post the room too when we get the official word on that.

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