Tree Seedling Sale – Order by March 28

Fundraiser for the Centre County Conservation District.

Link to the order form. Orders must be placed by March 28. Pickup is April 27 & 28.

Available fruit tree varieties include:

HONEYCRISP: Apple  – This crisp, juicy, sweet-tart apple has a rich flavor. This fruit is mostly orange-red with a yellow background, matures 10 days before Red Delicious and stores well. Outstanding win- ter hardiness, late blooming and is moderately resistant to apple scab.

ULTIMA GALA: Apple  – This apple variety has 90-100% red color with a strong stripe. With its early and high color this Gala can be picked at proper maturity for best possible storage and flavor retention. Good for eating and baking. Semi-dwarf (mature height 15-20’)

BARTLETT: PearA large heavy bearing variety with excellent quality. Considered one of the choicest canning varieties. Ripens in late August and a favorite for all uses.

REDHAVEN: Peach Tree is vigorous, very bud hardy and productive. Fruit is medium-sized and colors to a brilliant red. One of the best commercial varieties. Ripens around August 1 in southern PA.

DANUBE: Tart Cherry A new tart cherry cultivar for the fresh market. Fruit is dark red, medium to large, and sweeter than Montmorency. Trees are self fertile, very productive, but more susceptible to winter injury.

STANLEY: Plum A fine prune-type plum with excellent quality suited for both home use and processing. Fruit is large in size with dark blue skin. Flesh is greenish-yellow, juicy and fine grained. The tree is early bearing and a good pollinizer for other varieties.

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3 Responses to Tree Seedling Sale – Order by March 28

  1. Dan says:

    could any one tell me the average size or age of the seedlings> specificly the honey crisp and gala selection?

    please and thank you


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