Peeping in the Brooder Box – Issue #3

PSU Farm-to-Table Project

Laura Young is collecting a list of area farmers who would like to sell to Penn State. She plans to host a meeting at her house that brings together the farmers and Penn State buyers, probably in the evening or on a weekend. If you’re a farmer interested in selling produce to Penn State and would like to be a part of that meeting, please contact Laura. (

Centre Region Permaculture Guild

From Jackie Bonomo:  “I had a meeting recently with Brian Burger and other members of the Penn’s Valley Learning Garden to continue their good work to develop a demonstration garden at the American Legion site in Millheim. They’ve been operating the Learning Garden for three years and, since it’s at the site of the Millheim Farmers’ Market, it gets good public exposure and many visits. The Learning Garden was part of the 6th annual Farm Tour last year. They also maintain a blog. We’re planning to help them put in a demonstration orchard polyculture (edible forest) of 30 feet by 90 feet.” For more information or to get involved with the permaculture guild, contact Jackie (

State College Food Cooperative

From Greta Righter: “Our next food coop planning meeting will be Monday February 20 at 6:00 pm in the Irving’s basement. We’ll be looking at the draft market survey to assess the community’s interest and knowledge of food cooperatives, with a goal of having a finalized version by the end of the meeting. We’ll continue to discuss the next steps forward – including looking at different cooperatives around the country for inspiration and guidance, and continuing to form a clear vision of what a State College food co-op could be. See everyone there! Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.” (

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