Ed Perry & Elizabeth Crisfield – Supporting Michael Mann & Facts

Ed Perry

Elizabeth Crisfield

Ed Perry, National Wildlife Federation, writes:

The following is a letter Elizabeth Crisfield (PSU Geography) and I cosigned and sent to the CDT about a week ago. I was wondering if they would print it, since it criticizes a local business who got a paid ad from a coal industry front group called Common Sense. So far, it hasn’t been printed. A number of us called the radio station, but they were unapologetic about airing the ads, claiming there were no federal regulations violated.

This week, a coal- industry group began running ads on the local radio station, FM 93.7, continuing their harassment of Dr. Michael Mann, accusing him of manipulating data to accommodate his extreme political views.

Well, if Dr. Mann is manipulating data, then it’s clear there is a worldwide conspiracy, headed up by Penn State University, which investigated and cleared Dr. Mann. And then there are all those scientists around the world who joined the conspiracy by conducting independent research that validated Dr. Mann’s science. At what’s even worse, our nation’s most prestigious scientific organization, the National Academy of Sciences, has investigated and confirmed Dr. Mann’s scientific findings that the planet is indeed warming up.

It’s not surprising that a coal-industry group would advocate attacks on Dr. Mann. What is surprising is that the local radio station would air that tripe. Local citizens who contacted station director Scott Cohagan report he said that the ad aired complied with federal requirements, and they have no responsibility for the content. Really?

So in exchange for some evidently much-needed currency, our local radio station is willing to air any ad, no matter how scurrilous.

Actually, this is an old story: When you don’t have any facts, make the attacks personal. The work of Dr. Mann and thousands of other climate scientists offers a clear picture of what is happening to our climate and a clear warning for the future. We ignore them at our peril. Shame on Common Sense and shame on FM 93.7 for giving them the venue to spout more misinformation.

-Ed Perry and Elizabeth Crisfield



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