CED Students Drafting Market Survey for Food Co-op

Greta Righter

Hello all!

On Feb. 7, a group of us met to discuss plans for moving forward with our ideas to start a local food co-op.  The meeting was very productive, energized, and full of great ideas and collaboration.

The group consensus was that before we make any moves we need to asses the market demand for a co-op. This means surveying and talking to the community. A group of Penn State students (myself, Itha, Cierra, and Sam) from the Community, Environment, and Development major will be working on a draft of this survey over the next couple of weeks, as well as figuring out the logistics of how to go about administering it.

In two weeks we will reconvene with the whole food co-op group to give feedback and streamline the questionnaire.

In addition, the group focused on compiling as much information and first-hand accounts as we can about what works, and what doesn’t.  If anyone wants to contribute to this process, e-mail your thoughts to Katherine at the Spring Creek Homeseteading blog (katherine_watt@hotmail.com), for posting at the main page and the new Food Co-op page.

Lastly, we talked about the need to create a strong sense of identity throughout this process.

  • What would make this food coop special?
  • Does it bring community together?
  • Is it a fun and interesting place to be?

Be thinking about what you would want in a food coop, and bring your ideas to the next meeting.

I’ll be sending another Doodle Poll out soon for the week of Feb. 20.  The meeting will most likely be around 5 or 6 pm, so look forward in your schedule to see what works best. Thanks all!

– Greta
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One Response to CED Students Drafting Market Survey for Food Co-op

  1. Sarah Potter says:

    Just some things to share…

    If you haven’t checked out Food Co-op Initiative yet, do. It is a great resource! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jh5XFWE4uY&feature=player_embedded) Thanks Daryl for sharing that info. Also, I wanted to revisit an idea of Katherine’s on writing an article about community food choices including info about the co-op that would pair well with our survey. I would be happy to help write it or maybe this would be another project for CED students. Let me know your thoughts!


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