Permaculture Guild Starting in Centre Region

Jackie Bonomo

From Jackie Bonomo:

I am starting a group interested in doing permaculture work in the Centre region. I am excited from listening to all the great information given at the PASA permaculture track today (Applying Permaculture Design to Rural and Urban Landsacapes). There are so many great directions we could go with a local group. Let’s pool our thinking and see in what areas people are interested in focusing their energy.

I have set up a Doodle so we can schedule at meeting in the next two weeks. Here’s the DoodlePoll link for people to share what timing works best for them. Let’s actualize sustainable design.  – Jackie

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One Response to Permaculture Guild Starting in Centre Region

  1. Matt Soccio says:

    Hey, I did Dave Jacke’s workshops on Saturday about Edible Forest Gardens, and they shifted my thinking. Get the ecosystem functioning, and then figure out what yields you can get. I can’t do any of those dates on the doodle poll, but if we want to pool tree orders for things like paw paw, hardy kiwi or persimmon, start a scion/perennial exchange, or start some roving work parties we’d be on board.

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