Spring Creek Homesteading Housekeeping

February Reskilling Workshops Update:

  • Cooking Winter Soups & Stews – 3 spots Left
  • Making Mittens & Scarves from Old Wool Sweaters – FULL
  • Home Beer Brewing – FULL with 6 on waiting list
  • Yogurt & Granola – 12 spots left
  • Making Balms & Salves – 7 spots left
  • Silk Scarf Salt-Painting – 4 spots left
  • Cold Frames – 6 spots left
  • Sauerkraut – 5 spots left
  • Worm Composing – 13 spots left
  • Homemade Pasta & Sauce – FULL

To sign up:

Community Potluck Update:

  • First potluck of 2012 is tomorrow, Thurs. Jan. 26, 6 p.m., State College Borough Building, 243 S. Allen St.
  • Featured Idea: Food Cooperatives

Expected Households:

  • Daryl & Judy Sinn
  • Sarah & Joshua Potter & kids
  • Brian Bates
  • Greta Righter & Friends
  • Marie & Chip Taylor
  • Scott Stilson & Family
  • Kent & Robin Becker
  • Tom & Rebecca Lundin
  • Kalina Rumbalski
  • Katherine Watt, Joshua Lambert & kids
  • LaCreta Holland
  • Alyssa Yukevich & Fiance
  • Doris Malkmus
  • Ellen Dannin
  • Ingrid Fowles
  • Joe Banks
  • Linna Muschlitz
  • Elizabeth Shirey
  • Sunny Rehler
  • Elizabeth Crisfield
  • Holly D’Angelo

To sign up:

  • Click (SignUp Genius)
  • Call (237-0996) or
  • Email (katherine_watt@hotmail.com)

May Reskilling Workshops

Planning, scheduling etc. will start soon, but so far, likely topics include:

  • Cooking Greens with Dorothy Blair
  • Making Cheese at Home with Kerry Kaylegian
  • Butchering; meat curing + aging; charcuterie with Steve Bookbinder
  • Baking Bread in a Clay Oven – Dana Stuchul & Chris Uhl
  • Wild Edibles with Stephanie Hertel
  • Home Beer Brewing with Ryan Elias
  • Altering Secondhand Clothes with Anne Burgevin & Delali Agawu
  • Making Potholders with Mary Lambert
  • Warmups for Yard Work with Paul Zelinka
  • Hands-On Beekeeping with Mary Jo Lenzing & Sylvia Feldman
  • Double-digging Garden Beds with Gene Bazan

Any soap-makers out there? I’d love to add that to the May schedule.


For several months, I’ve been sending out email updates to a growing list, about twice a month. They usually have the type of information above, plus sometimes local food highlights from blog posts and strategic planning updates.

My email list now has more than 300 addresses on it and is growing rapidy, which is hard to keep up with, so I think I’m going to stop sending out email updates.

I’d like to encourage readers to please sign up for a blog subscription (upper right in the sidebar) if you’re not already a subscriber but like to have information delivered to directly your inbox. There are three subscription settings, so you can choose to get immediate notice of new posts, a daily digest that comes between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. each day, or a weekly digest that comes Monday mornings.

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