PASA Pre-conference Tracks – Registration Closes Today

From Zach Hawkins at PASA:

Tonight  at 11:59pm, pre-registration closes for the 21st Annual Farming for the Future Conference. If you’ve been on the fence about signing up for a pre-conference track, this is your last chance! Walk-in registration is not available for pre-conference tracks. A walk-in fee of $30 is applied to all Friday/Saturday main conference registrations postmarked after January 24 and on-site registrations.

Featured Pre-Conference Tracks – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1 – Tractor Operation & Maintenance for New & Beginning Farmers – SOLD OUT
  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1 – Hands-On Poultry Processing & Marketing – You’ve raised your flock from day-old chicks to slaughter-weight birds. Now what? Travel to “Poultry Man” Eli Reiff’s farm with a gaggle of experts to learn the ins and outs of on- and off-farm poultry processing, regulations and marketing.
  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1 – Introduction to Permaculture Principles – Focus on integrated systems design, intensive food production, energy conservation and storage and biodiversity enhancement in this guided tour of permaculture’s core principles.
  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1 & THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 – Sustainability in the Food Service Industry – Today’s restaurant-goers want fresh, local ingredients. Click here to learn more about this one-and-a-half-day track designed specifically for chefs and food service professionals looking to learn more about serving up a sustainable cuisine.
  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1 & THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 – Planning & Ensuring Your Financial Success Using Holistic Management™ – SOLD OUT
  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 – Pastured Poultry for Meat Production for Beginning & Advanced Farmers – Spend a day with a flock of poultry professionals as they give you the rundown on raising your birds on grass.
  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 – Applying Permaculture Design to Rural & Urban Landscapes – Learn how permaculture can be applied to any environment, at any scale, from dense urban settlements to individual homes, from farms to entire regions.
  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 – Building & Managing Soil Fertility on the Farm – Soil health is quite literally at the root of a thriving farm. Get the dirt on soil testing, developing a management plan, rehabilitating poor soils and more.
  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 – CSA School – CSA shareholders sign up to help shoulder the burden of supply costs and weather variability, but who is there to assist farmers with business planning, marketing strategies and other concerns? Learn the ABCs of a successful CSA venture.
  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 – Advanced Orchard Health for Sustainable Fruit Production – Join orchard health expert Michael Phillips for a day of in-depth orchard care designed for fruit producers looking for sustainable and nature-based production techniques.
  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 – Maximizing Food Production on the Integrated, Ecologically Balanced Homestead – Harvey Ussery, the man behind TheModernHomestead.US, and Living the Frugal Life blogger Kate Hunter discuss strategies for increasing fertility, maximizing harvests and integrating the 21st-century homestead with the systems that sustain it.
  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 – Cheesemaking for Beginning & Advanced Producers – Join Peter Dixon of Dairy Foods Consulting, Sue Conley & Peggy Smith of Cowgirl Creamery, Amy Thompson of Lucy’s Whey and Kerry Kaylegian of Penn State for this one-day track about making, tasting and marketing cheese.
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