EPA’s P-3 Grants For Student-Designed Green Infrastructure – Apply by Dec. 22

From the Environmental Protection Agency –

“…This year, for the first time, EPA’s People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) National Student Design Award Competition includes green infrastructure as a specific research area.

As a National Student Design Competition for Sustainability, the P3 program is intended to support science-based projects and designs developed by interdisciplinary student teams that benefit people by improving their quality of life, promote prosperity by developing local economies, and protect the planet by conserving resources and minimizing pollution. Green infrastructure has been demonstrated to help communities achieve these objectives and its inclusion as a specific research area in the competition is intended to expand the research activity focused on the technology.

The P3 award is a two-phase grant program. Award winners in the first phase receive a $15,000 grant to develop a project concept. Selected projects from the phase 1 concepts are then awarded a $90,000 grant to take the concept to real-world design. EPA supports green infrastructure as a key component of sustainability and livable communities and we are excited to see the creative ways that our nation’s students will use this technology. Additional information and instructions for applying for the P3 awards can be found hereThe deadline for applying is December 22, so those interested should submit their materials by then.”

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