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Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture News & Events:

December 8 – Field Day – Community Supported Agriculture 101: Incorporating a CSA into Your Operation – Clinton County Cooperative Extension Offices, Mill Hall, Clinton County. In collaboration with PSU Cooperative Extension.

PASA Member Discounts at CSAs – In this time of being thankful, we wanted to share an innovative idea to help PASA grow our membership that was recently shared with us by fellow member, Brad Berry of Snipes Farm and Education Center CSA in Morrisville PA (Bucks County).

My name is Brad Berry and I am the head grower for a 200-member vegetable CSA in Morrisville, PA – Snipes Farm and Education Center. I am writing you to let you know that we have offered a discount to our members for the 2012 season. If any of our CSA members become PASA members, we are giving them a discount on their share.

I got the idea at the Farming for the Future Conference last winter while one of the speakers was talking about the strength of PASA’s voice through more members. Here is what we sent to our CSA members last week:

If you sign up to become a member of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) you will receive an additional $25.00 off of your CSA membership for next season!! So who is PASA and why do we value them so much to offer you a discount on our CSA for supporting them? 

PASA is a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to promote profitable farms that produce healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment.

As a farm, we believe the education of farmers, legislators and consumers is critical to our viability and success. PASA is dedicated to educating each of these groups in many ways throughout the year and in so doing plays a vital role in protecting our farm, consumers and other farms all across the country. Throughout the year PASA hosts intensive learning programs for farmers where information is shared about all aspects of farming from field to finance. These events help to show experienced farmers the benefits in more ecologically sound agricultural practices and new growers the possibility for farming as a way of life. As farmers, we are a very busy group of people and it is not always possible for us to get off the farm and make our voices heard when it comes to legislative issues affecting our food security. Fortunately, PASA is our voice and our advocate for public policy issues. PASA works year round on the local, state and federal levels to protect our right to maintain a small scale food system and your right to wholesome, locally grown organic food. The more members the organization has, the stronger that voice becomes and equates to more influence in legislation when it comes to food issues. It is a resource for consumers to stay abreast of potential threats to our food security and the importance of local food systems. PASA has the success of our farm and farms like ours across Pennsylvania in their greatest interest.

I encourage you to visit to learn more about the organization and to take advantage of this discount for your 2012 CSA share. Become a PASA member and help the effort to protect your food, your farm and your rights.

-Brad Berry, Head Grower, Snipes Farm & Education Center

Brad Berry, photo by Kim Weimer for

Action Alert – Local Farms, Food & Jobs Act – The Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act was introduced in both the Senate and House recently. The bill numbers are S. 1773 and H.R. 3286. This act will improve federal Farm Bill programs that support local and regional farm and food systems. Learn more and get involved!

PASA’s 10th Annual Benefit Auction – update from Jean Najjar

Jean Najjar

PASA’s Auction Fundraising Supports Sustainable Agriculture – It has been an amazing year for PASA’s Auction fundraising. Through our Conference Auction and our fall and spring Online Auctions we raised over $40,000 for PASA’s Educational and Farm Advocacy programs. We are so grateful to everyone who supported our expanded Auction fundraising efforts last year. PASA supporters are amazing!

PASA’s 10th Annual Benefit Auction –  This year our auction fundraising will focus on our 2012 Benefit Auction at our Farming for the Future Conference. Our bidders love to browse the amazing collections of donated items that fill our Auction tables each year at the conference.

Claim a Place At Our Table! – We are seeking a wide variety of donations including: farm products and tools, unique dining and vacation experiences, books, art, hand crafted jewelry and furniture, and more to our most successful auction to date. It will take donations in every price range to set our auction table and entice attendees to bid for PASA. So we invite everyone to claim a place at our table. Help make PASA’s 2012 Benefit Auction a really big success by donating today! Your donation will be displayed with pride for two days and two evenings as attendees place their bids and shop this fabulous collection of cool stuff.

Donate Today! – Just follow this link to our Donation Commitment Form. As soon as you submit this form you will be sent an automated confirmation. The deadline for donation commitments is December 20th, but we would love to have your commitment as early as possible. Thanks for your support of sustainable agriculture.

Jean Najjar
Auction Associate
Office (814) 349-9856 ext. 24
Mobile (814) 933-6246

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