Anne Burgevin on Knitting, Beekeeping & Sewing

Anne Burgevin

The first knitting workshops were attended by people new and not so new to the art of knitting. We spent two wonderful evenings learning how to cast on, creating swatches to assess the gauge (or tension) of the yarn, and starting on projects that included a hat and a scarf. We had to tear ourselves away from knitting by the time nine o’clock arrived.

A two-part series on organic beekeeping was held at the Friend’s Meeting House on November 10 and 17. The workshop leaders, Sylvia Feldman and Mary Jo Lenzing, shared both their knowledge and enthusiasm for beekeeping. They brought the tools and supplies used to keep bees, books, periodicals, posters and samples of locally raised honey to taste. Participants were encouraged to share their interest in beekeeping, their questions and knowledge. We learned a great deal about beekeeping, its intricacies and rewards.
Also, Ithaca NY, my hometown, has started a non-profit business called Sew Green. Proceeds from the store, which sells donated sewing and knitting supplies, support teaching people to sew and knit. So its purpose is two-fold: promoting recycling and reusing materials, and empowering people to rebuild forgotten skills. Starting something like this interests me. [Readers with similar interests can email Anne at]
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