Buy Fresh Buy Local Centre County News – Nov. 10

Highlights in the Local Food SceneStay informed, check out our Calendar

Outdoor markets are adjusting their hours, so please read the section below to make sure you don’t miss out!

Make your way down to Spring Mills for the Winter Old Gregg School Market and treat yourself to breakfast by The Sustainable Kitchen, free wi-fi, and of course the wonderful vendors bringing you locally raised and made products you love.

Partner IngleBean Coffee House will host a Family Game Night on Friday November 11th starting at 7pm. Dinner, dessert & drinks will be available.

Get your local, organic Thanksgiving turkeys from PartnerOver the Moon Farm – and orders fill up quickly. Email to order (sizes are under 16#, 16-20#, 21-25# or 26-30#).

What’s Fresh at the Farmers Markets

Plan your menus to feature what’s in season. Here’s a list of what you’ll find at markets for inspiration!

  • Broccoli, Cabbage & Brussel Sprouts
  • Greens & Swiss Chard
  • Radishes, Turnips, Beets, Carrots & Potatoes
  • Onions & Garlic
  • Winter Squash
  • Apples & Fresh Apple Cider
  • Chestnuts
  • Year-round products like milk & dairy, honey, meats, cheeses, eggs and baked & canned goods.
State College Downtown Market
Fridays, 11:30am to 5pm, Locust Lane


Early closing this week as the days shorten, so make sure you stop by before 5pm.

  • Fasta Ravioli & Co with fresh, handmade pastas, raviolis and sauces.
  • Elk Creek Fishery with Alaskan salmon and locally raised trout.
  • Patchwork Farm with seasonal produce and plants.
  • Beiler Family Farm with locally raised meats.
  • Spring Bank Acres with dairy products.
  • Deb’s Flower Farm with fresh-cut flowers.
  • Moser’s Garden Produce with seasonal produce.
  • Wood Fired Bakery with baked goods.
  • The Piper’s Peck with hot pepper jellies, jams and salsas.
  • Demeter’s Garden with jams and jellies as well as Lost Hollow Honey.
  • Soap Sprite with lip balms, foot rubs and over 26 varieties of handmade soaps – try the newest – Lemongrass Goat Milk, Spearmint Patchouli and Green Mountain & Lime Shaving soaps.
  • Larksmirth Manor Perennials with fresh cut flowers, locally raised plants for the home and flowering shrubs including native species.
  • Gaffron’s Sunrise Bakery with hot foods and baked goods.
  • Way Fruit Farm with seasonal fruits as well as spreads and cider.
  • Wendy Vonada Cookies with a wide selection of cookies, as well as pesto sauce.
  • Sunflower Farm with seasonal produce and crafts.
  • McNitt’s Fruit Farm with seasonal fruit.
  • Kookie Kitchen with baked goods.
  • Harner Farm with seasonal fruit and fruit smoothies.
Bellefonte Farmers Market
Saturdays, 9am to 12pm


Market is outdoors at the Gamble Mill with hours of 9am to12pmDon’t miss your chance to visit with Bentley the Bison (weather permitting).

  • Diane Cramer with muffins, baked goods, gourd crafts and seasonal mushrooms and vegetables.
  • Lavina Stoltzfus with canned & baked goods and sweet potatoes.
  • Stony Ridge Farm with baked goods, seasonal vegetables, milk, cheese, butter and eggs.
  • A.B.B. Bison Farm with bison meat and eggs.
  • Heron’s Hollow Farm with greens, seasonal vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured pork and eggs.
  • Lois A. Stringer with seasonal vegetables and herbs.
  • Fasta Ravioli & Co with handmade pasta, ravioli and sauces.
  • Weedy Ridge Farm with eggs and goats milk soap.
  • Our Little Orchard with apples.

Old Gregg School Farmers Market

Saturdays, 10am to 1pm, Old Gregg School Community Center


Stop by for the opening day! Breakfast will be served up to order by The Sustainable Kitchen with omelets, pancakes, coffee and more. Bring your smart phones, iPads and other devices so you can spread the word about this market that will keep you in local food all through the winter – oh, and the internet is free.

  • Sustainable Kitchen with breakfast extravaganza, coffee, canned marinara sauce, applesauce and pumpkin.
  • Common Ground Organic Farm with brussel sprouts, winter squash, onions, peppers and garlic.
  • Stone Meadow Farm with farmstead cheese and grass-fed beef.
  • Eden View Organics with spelt & sprouted flour baked goods and lunch items.
  • Cow-a-Hen Farm with various cuts of pork, beef, duck and more.
  • Gemelli Bakers with breads, jumbo cookies, tarts and coffee cake.
  • Macneal Orchards & Sugarbush with apples, cider and maple syrup.
  • Woodside Acres with eggs, homemade potato chips, baked goods and canned goods.
  • Brush Valley Produce with seasonal produce.
  • Egg Hill Gardens with perennial and annual plants.
  • Katie Mae Stoltzfus with baked goods, pickles, applesauce and low-sugar canned goods.
  • Dible Diversified Agriculture with greens and herbs.
  • Half-Acre Farm with beeswax candles and artwork.

North Atherton Farmers Markets

Saturdays, 10am to 2pm, Home Depot Parking Lot

  • Bella’s Gardens with seasonal fruit – apples and cider.
  • Byler Goat Dairy with goats milk, kefir, yogurt drinks, cheese, yogurt and ice cream.
  • Clan Stewart Farm with pastured pork products and eggs, seasonal produce and herbs, goat milk soap, granola and occasional baked goods.
  • Dancing Creek Farm with chicken and fresh herbs.
  • Demeter’s Garden with lamb, fresh berries, scones, drinks and Lost Hollow honey.
  • Fasta Ravioli & Co. with handmade pasta, ravioli and sauces.
  • Gaffron’s Sunrise Bakery with hot foods, baked goods, cookies, breads.
  • Gemelli Bakers with breads, jumbo cookies, tarts and coffee cake.
  • Greenmoore Gardens with CSA pickups and seasonal produce.
  • Hillside Pastures with pasture raised beef, eggs and cow cheese.
  • Howards End Farm and CSA with CSA pickups and seasonal produce.
  • Moser’s Garden Produce with flowers, seasonal vegetables, herbs and berries.
  • Sunset Valley Farm with products from grass-fed jersey cows including chocolate milk, cottage cheese, butter, ghee and artisinal ice cream.
  • The Sustainable Kitchen with entrees prepared on site using locally grown meats, cheeses and produce.
  • Woodfired Bakeshop with homemade donuts, syrup, soaps and baked goods.
  • Woodside Acres with homemade potato chips and seasonal produce.
  • Young American Growers with goat meat in a variety of cuts, including sausage and ground.
Tuesday Downtown Farmers Market
Tuesdays, 11:30am to 4:30pm, Locust Lane
Early closing this week as the days shorten, so make sure you stop by before 4:30pm.
  • Sam Swarey with rabbit meat, baked breads, desserts and potted plants.
  • Larksmirth Manor Perennials with locally grown plants and flowering shrubs including native species.
  • Howards End CSA with seasonal produce like salad greens.
  • Fasta Ravioli & Co. with fresh handmade pasta and stuffed ravioli.
  • Yoder’s Greenhouse with vegetable plants.
  • Gemelli’s Bakery with fresh baked breads and cookies.
  • Bell & Whistle with cupcakes and cookies.
  • ABB Bison Farm with American buffalo meat.
  • Jacob Stoltzfus with homemade potato chips.
  • Egg Hill Gardens with seasonal produce like lettuce & greens.
  • Spirit of the Season with baked treats.
  • Mosers Garden Produce with seasonal produce and potted herb and vegetable plants including heirloom and many hybrid tomato plant varieties.
  • Sweet Root Orchard with several varieties of apples – come early, he sells out!
Closed for the Season
Millheim Farmers Market
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