Rally to Support the EPA – Nov. 10 in State College

Ed Perry

From Ed Perry –

WHAT: Rally to encourage Senator Casey and Senator Toomey to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to reduce mercury pollution and control greenhouse gasses.

WHEN: November 10, from 3:30 – 5:00 pm

WHERE: At the entrance to Penn State, at the intersection of College and Allen Street

WHY: The Environmental Protection Agency will release its mercury rule on December 16. For the first time, mercury pollution from coal and oil-fired power plants will be required to reduce mercury emissions. EPA is also developing rules for greenhouse gas emissions. It is clear that Congress is not only unwilling to pass legislation to control greenhouse gas pollution, they are intent on preventing the EPA from implementing their mercury rule, and stop them from taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Unlike Senator Casey, Senator Toomey has not been supportive of efforts to reduce pollution from mercury and greenhouse gases.

It is time our representatives stop voting against good legislation simply because a Democrat or Republican proposes it. Reducing pollution from mercury and greenhouse gases protects our families and our country from the adverse effects of poor air and water quality, and we need Senator Toomey to start supporting us, not the polluting industries.

I have signs saying:

  • Support Clean Air, not Big Coal
  • Sen. Toomey, protect the Clean Air Act
  • Honk for Clean Air
  • Support EPA, not Big Coal
  • Protect our kids, not Big Coal
  • Support EPA and protect our kids

Feel free to be creative and bring your own signs. Parents and their children are especially welcome.

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