For a good laugh

Sharon Astyk writing at Casaubon’s Book:

“…The US manifestly needs a new financial system, and one that as Richard Douthwaite has pointed out, is not debt-dependent. None of us want to see a purely centralized economy, of course, but neither do we want to maintain the status quo.

My suggestion is that we put American ingenuity to work to create an American-Idol like show that creates new financial institutions for the US. A set of judges could cover the range of commentary and reveal subtleties an audience might not initially grasp.

I propose a panel made up of Elizabeth Warren as the basically appealing but still critical judge (think Paula Abdul) – “I want to like your suggested scrip, I really do, and you clearly have a lot of heart, but I just don’t see an economy modelled on the exchange of cattle as working in Cleveland,” Ralph Nader as the odd, idiosyncratic minor player who calls everything “pitchy” and Ilargi of The Automatic Earth as Simon Cowell – “That is without a doubt the most idiotic suggestion I’ve heard outside of a Fed meeting.”

Watching CEOs cry when Ilargi criticized them would, of course, be a huge ratings hit.

I think continuing in the American Idol vein, we should definitely have a musician appear as a guest judge, because having a portion of our economic future determined by Iggy Pop, Lady Gaga and Tom Waits just seems like a great idea and wholly in keeping with our culture…”

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