Harvest Feast Logistics & Volunteer Opportunities

There’s a new page to coordinate the November 15 Spring Creek Harvest Feast – and the current draft of the flier is there for interested folks to print and circulate.

Below is the preliminary list of tasks and volunteer opportunities.

I’m planning to do most of the coordinating by phone – 237-0996 – so please call:

  • To RSVP – Anyone aware of the event and interested in strengthening the local food system is invited.
  • To help put this event together; and/or
  • To lend your washable crockery, cutlery & table linens.


Event Logistics/Volunteer Opportunities (last updated Oct. 17):

  • Finish data entry for invite list
  • Order envelopes for mailing – DONE 10/17
  • Address envelopes
  • Finalize invitation flier, make copies
  • Stuff envelopes
  • Mail envelopes
  • Put out call for loaned plates, bowls, knives, spoons, forks, cups, cloth napkins and tablecloths (so we don’t have to use any disposable material)
  • Collect loaned materials at staging area, labelled for efficient return to lenders after the potluck.
  • Set up volunteer decorating team
  • Set up volunteer dishwashing team
  • Set up volunteer linen-washing team
  • Get large Post-It pads and markers
  • Maintain RSVP list – including expected potluck dishes – at blog.
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